Demo account


Can I try the signals on the demo account?
If yes, how is the method?


Most beginners do not take the demo account serious, as a beginner in trading I made the same mistake and rushed into live trading, but most of my trades failed, so I decided to spend more time on demo.

If your new into trading, demo is the best platform to get familiarised with the software and build skills.
According to my knowledge, most brokers provide a free demo account along with educational materials. 
I transferred my 10USD but it doesn't show in meta trader 5
Lesedi Sefojane #:
I transferred my 10USD but it doesn't show in meta trader 5

Where did you transfere to?
Because all trading accounts and all money for trading are related to the brokers (it is not related to Metatrader software program at all).

  • If you selected the broker and open trading account with the broker, and if you transfer 10USD to the broker after that - ask your broker for support
    (because Metatrader has nothing to do with money).
  • If you transer to your mql5 forum profile to buy the product on the Market, or to subscribe to the signal, or to subscribe to MQL5 VPS, or to use Freelance service so this money should be on your profile here (and it is not related to Metatrader at all because it is not money for trading in Metatrader).