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Have you seen such graphics in MetaTrader 5?

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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2011.03.25 16:15 

The MetaTrader 5 terminal includes even more graphical features than its predecessor. It offers more graphical objects, enhanced indicator drawing styles, the MQL5 language contains ready Classes for working with graphical objects. In addition it offers a rich set of tools for a beautiful design.

In short, the question arises - Why doesn't this forum have a topic where you could post a masterpiece that you have created or seen somewhere? So I suggest that we continue the tradition from Did you see such a picture? Post your screenshots of indicators, panels and any other beautiful pictures that you can have on MetaTrader 5 charts.

I'll start with the panels from the ropic Results of the Best Control Panel contest

Rashid Umarov
Rashid Umarov 2011.03.25 16:18  
Two new properties have been added in MQL5 - OBJPROP_XOFFSET and OBJPROP_YOFFSET. They allow creating some interesting effects:

Brett Luedtke
Brett Luedtke 2011.03.25 21:01  

This is a simple chart, with very big features.

First, the major (not visible) Andrew's Pitchfork (median line) studies of weekly (W1) swings. I did not drop-down or zoom-in time frames to fit the data, simply selected the global MT5 option for "Precise time scale." No additional work was needed, and weekly market indications show up with little (or no) distortion even on an H1 chart!

Additionally, the Andrew's pitchforks now contain levels. Much like the fibo retracement and extension also drawn, the pitchfork now features adjustable ratios for displaying parallel lines to the main object.

Median line traders will never see such a chart so fast. :)

trinity13 2011.06.16 04:51  

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qiao_feng 2011.10.06 13:01  

It's very beautiful,code it must spend lot of time.

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