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New article Timeseries in DoEasy library (part 35): Bar object and symbol timeseries list has been published:

This article starts a new series about the creation of the DoEasy library for easy and fast program development. In the current article, we will implement the library functionality for accessing and working with symbol timeseries data. We are going to create the Bar object storing the main and extended timeseries bar data, and place bar objects to the timeseries list for convenient search and sorting of the objects.

This article starts the new section in the description of the library for convenient development of programs for MetaTrader 5 and 4 terminals. The first series (34 articles) was devoted to the concept of library objects and their interconnections. The concept was used to develop the functionality for working with an account — its current status and history.

Currently, the library features the following functionality:

  • searching, sorting and comparing data of any order or position,
  • providing quick and convenient access to any order and position properties,
  • tracking any account event,
  • obtaining and comparing account and symbol data,
  • responding to property changes of all existing objects in databases (collections) and sending notifications of occurred events to the program.

We can also tell the library what events it should respond to and send notifications about the monitored events.

Besides, we have implemented the ability to work with the terminal trading functions. We have also developed new types of trading requests — pending trading requests that allow us to create the program behavior logic in various trading conditions, as well as provide the full set of features for creating new types of pending orders.
All this and much more was created and described in the previous series of the library development descriptions.

The second series of the library description considers many aspects of working with price data, symbol charts, market depths, indicators, etc. In general, the new series of articles is to be devoted to the development of the library functionality for quick access, search, comparison and sorting of any price data arrays, as well as their storage objects and sources.

Author: Artyom Trishkin

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