change Visulazition

Hi Guys 
 long time I am looking for a way for hide and un hide indicators are on chart but couldnt find a way , and now it is my quastion , can we change Visualzition of Custom Indicator from all time frame to Monthly with script ?
with this way  custome indicators will be hidden in 1M - weekly time frams  and with other script we can unhide them again to all time fram .
thank you for help
William Roeder:
If you had used this you would have found that it is a very old question with no real solution.
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Create one template with them on it and one (perhaps Default.tpl) without. Applying the templates can be done by code.

Thank you William for replay 
But you know with use template , all line and trend line and object will remove from your chart and we dont want it ,I just look for a way with script for change visiolazition of indicator to monthly or weekly time fram just it.