Half Trend EA for General Testing

Bendict Wellstood  


This EA has been developed, is highly flexible and does have profitable settings. I'm (bravely/stupidly) opening it out for people to test and share any profitable strategies they might find. It's not coded for MQL Marketplace yet, so it can't be sold on or used to develop a signal service.

I'm testing a lot and trying to find balance between disaster (!), small profit, good profit and avoiding large drawdowns.

Using the Trail Step/Trail Stop and a range of 'open order' numbers can be successful, but ultimately may wipe out in the present because of drawdowns.

And it might not be any good at all. I'm dubious about EAs, personally, but maybe there's something in this one.

It's based on Half Trend indicator - the higher the amplitude, the less trades it would take and vice versa. Worth popping a Half Trend indi on your chart as you test. The rest should be self-explanatory.

I've done so much testing to post results would be crazy as there are so many.

Please share any good results if you can. I open it out to you all.

Have fun and thanks.


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Keith Watford  

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Please attach the mq4/5 file

Keith Watford  
Bendict Wellstood:

Here's the ex4

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Please attach the mq4 file

Vinicius Marcio Rodrigues Pereira  

Excelente iniciativa Wellstood.

Instalei o EA mas não apareceu indicador na tela. Eu preciso inserir o indicador ou é algo na configuração que preciso modificar?

Desde já, agradeço.

Keith Watford  

Excellent initiative Wellstood.

I installed the EA but no display appeared on the screen. Do I need to insert the indicator or is it something in the configuration that I need to modify?

Thank you very much in advance.

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Vinicius Marcio Rodrigues Pereira  
Keith Watford :

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OK. I will use it only in English.
Vinicius Marcio Rodrigues Pereira  
I used EA and noticed some conditions that could improve it (not criticize).
1- Choosing only a trade, the EA should close position when Half Trend changes color, this is important for those who do not want to open a position in each candle and want to close position when the half trend changes trend.
2- The EA could open purchase positions only when the price was above the Moving Average and Half Trend would change to green and close the position when Half Trend changed to red.
3- The EA could open sales positions only when the price was below the Moving Average and Half Trend would change to red and close the position when Half Trend changed to green.
In this way it would be possible to profit from selling on the downtrend and buying up on the bullish trend.

4- Can this code run in offline graphics for Renko?

Thank you in advance for your initiative and willingness to make the code available.
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please do you have this in Mt5 do you have the EA for mt5 please