Build 2007 - Telegram


my connection to the telegram stopped working after I updated the metatrader.

Anyone know any explanation?

Check to see if the URL is still allowed in the settings, and that the token is still in the parameters.

Yeah, it's all right. Now gives error 1001

When I delete the URL it gives error that URL is missing but if I put it gives error 1001. In my mt5 of the old build does not give that.


I have been using WebRequest function to send/receive msg to telegram and all was running perfectly before updating to MT5 build 2007.

After the update the function somehow stopped working. Error 1001. Only Telegram.

Does anyone have the the same error ? Can anyone please confirm this?


The same here!

UnKnown Error 1001

Ahmed Abd El Aziz #:

The same here!

UnKnown Error 1001

I would guess this error here :


1001 (0x3E9)

Recursion too deep; the stack overflowed.
System Error Codes (1000-1299) (WinError.h) - Win32 apps
System Error Codes (1000-1299) (WinError.h) - Win32 apps
  • 2021.01.07
  • Karl-Bridge-Microsoft
Describes error codes 1000-1299 defined in the WinError.h header file and is intended for developers.