EAs that are enough to buy in the MQL5 market, EA is automatically installed into the script directory during installation.

Marco vd Heijden  
Well check it again because if it goes to the script folder then it is most likely a script.
Sergey Golubev  

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Konstantin Erin , 2017.11.16 06:02

instead of calling the start function, call the required function

In new builds, instead of start, other names are more fashionable: OnTick in the Expert Advisor, OnCalculate in the Indicator and OnStart in the Script


Eleni Anna Branou  
Waichun Liao:
The determination to buy is EA.

You may think that you've bought an EA but many times the actual product is a script.

If it has been installed in the Scripts directory, then its a script.

Sergey Golubev  

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Mahsa Farjami  
Hi Im a developer. I published a utility but after download, it goes to script section. I should check the utilities code? Do you know how can i correct the codes?