14 days and counting in "Proof read"

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Nicolas Zouein
Nicolas Zouein  

Hello everyone,

Is there any reason why new products are being delayed more than 10 days in the "Proof read" state?

Although the auto message says "within 10 days" when a new product is submitted , mine has bypassed 14 days till now.. 

Why is this happening?

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

As I understand the big updates are going on now - read this post:

Forum on trading, automatic trading systems and testing of trading strategies

The "Service Desk" section disappeared

Renat Fatkhullin , 2018.08.15 13:56

That's just because of the number of people who suddenly felt that these are employees of our company should spend their time on questions about everything , we closed the public servicedesk. Servicedesk has turned into a complete madness on a world scale. Do not forget that we serve the whole world, not just the Russian-speaking part.

On this site a huge amount of information available for search. We have done our work, and in 7 languages. Now it's up to everyone to spend their time looking for answers on their questions.

Technical issues should be addressed at a public forum, so that each decision has a leverage effect. Working with technical questions with a 1: 1 leverage in a closed service desk is economically unprofitable for any company that has a scale effect (100-1000 customers is not scale).

Now we radically change the maintenance processes on the site and automate everything that is possible.

Unfortunately, for a while some of the old processes, previously provided manually, were stalled.

What we automate and rework:

  1. Registration of sellers
  2. Publication of products, including updates. Automatic updates are already allowed.
  3. Publications in the Code
  4. Arbitration in freelancing
  5. We improve the processes on the whole front and make them more understandable


  • in order to understand reality, one must be able to stand on the position of each side (2-3 sides at least), rather than cementing oneself on one's personal position
  • modes "I should," "someone else must do something there," "this should work like this" is usually mistaken if you look at the reality from the top
  • It is always necessary to take into account the economics of processes and economies of scale
  • the distribution of goods free of charge can not last forever. In the IT sphere a free-of-charge feast was created, which led to a mistake of perception of the whole generation "in the sphere of XXX everything should be free"
  • listen to explanations - they are correct and reasonable
  • We have statistics on our hands and a lot of experience - we know what we are doing
  • we are doing fine, thank you
Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

The updates of the products are available now (without any problem).
About the other process - we should wait.
Because as I understand - everything will be automated in the services (without moderators and admins).

There is discussion thread about it here: How to contact the service desk? 


and more - 

Forum on trading, automatic trading systems and testing of trading strategies

What happens with the moderation of new products in the Market?

Renat Fatkhullin , 2018.08.16 14:27

Every day we release automation of various functions of the site. Today there will be an update on receiving the products of the market.

We can not predict the time, but this work for us now has a top priority. The process goes step by step, in small portions at a time.

Wait a few days, everything will be radically simplified.

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