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Experts: Renko 2.0 Offline - page 3

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Felipe Miguel dos Santos
Felipe Miguel dos Santos  

I downloaded the EA Renko that you developed and posted on the MQL5 website, I'm having a hard time putting my EA to work with Renko, I know it creates a new custom feature, however my EA does not open any request. I noticed that the chart is having update peaks, is this normal? About my EA is there any code to work on Renko? Would you help me?

Cláudio Müller
Cláudio Müller  

Olá Guilherme,

é possível colocar os tijolos em PRETO quando existir abertura com GAP? exemplo WINM18. O volume é zero nestes tijolos.

Seria possível também mostrar normalmente o último preço negociado?

excelente trabalho.


Stanislav Korotky
Stanislav Korotky  

Tried this out for EURUSD with 100 points renko box (5 digits), in the current window and in a new window, but got many different problems.

Used in different combinations "EURUSDR2", "EURUSD_R2" and empty (stated as default) name as RenkoSymbol input.


  • "Renko symbol error" most of the trials;
  • very strange renko chart with only 2 boxes 10 000 000 points each;
  • renko2offline (EURUSD,M1) array out of range in 'Renko2.mqh' (360,46)

The custom symbol is created in all cases, but it's empty if EA was stopped by any of the errors.

Took a glance through the code, and one thing which is popped up instantly - OnBookEvent does not check symbol name, so the code is triggered on any book event!

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