Indicators: All In One Divergence

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All In One Divergence:

Indicator to trade divergence. One of 30 indicators can be selected.

This indicator is based on code from the original author Petr, published by Aleh Sasonka.

As per users' requests in comments, some improvements were made, specifically:

  • Trading alerts (Alerts in MetaTrader 4 terminal, Email notifications, Push notifications).
  • Inputs to enable/disable each alert type separately.
  • Dropdown list of 30 indicators with real names instead of numbers.
  • Signal buffer (Indicator output value).
  • Indicator is compatible with Universalis MT4, you can import it, create your own automated strategy and backtest with high precision (step-by-step guide).

Author: Besarion Turmanauli


i love this but struggling a little with settings 

could you help please

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