MT4 Cannot Copy Trade

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Richman Kubheka
Richman Kubheka  
Hello Guys, can you help me, I'm trying to subscribe to the signals on my MT4 platform and I'm not winning, I went as far as the options on MT4, logged on to my MQL5 account but it won't open the confirmation window on MT4, what am I doing wrong?
Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

if you are on Windows (not Mac) so check this small instruction below (about how to subscribe):

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How to Subscribe to a MT4 Signal (new instructions, after 1065 version upgrade)

Eleni Anna Branou, 2017.11.02 21:06

Below are step by step instructions, of how to subscribe to a MΤ4 signal:

1. Register a MQL5 account: 

2. Open your MT4 platform and go to Menu >> Tools >> Optios and click on the Community tab. There you put your Login and Password of your MQL5 account and click OK.

3. Go to the search area of your MT4 platform, on the upper right corner (where the magnifying glass is), type in the name of the signal you want to subscribe and click Enter.



4. You will see lower, in the Terminal Window of your MT4 platform, the results of your search. Click on the name of the signal you want to subscribe. 



5. Click on the green Subscribe for $$ USD button on the right side of your MT4's Terminal Window.



6. Select the payment method and complete payment for your subscription.

7. In the Options >> Signals window that opens, tick the following options:



  • Agree to the terms of use of the signals service
  • Enable real time signal subscription
  • Copy Stop Loss and Take Profit levels
  • Synchronise positions without confirmations

8. In the Use no more than: ...... of your deposit (95% maximum) field below, put the percentage of your capital, you want to participate in signal's copying.

9. In the Stop if equity is less than: ...... field, put the amount of your capital, you want to preserve, or leave it empty. 

10. In the Deviation/Slippage field, select an option and click OK in the Options window to close it.

11. Now you have completed the subscription process and the only thing you need is a VPS (Virtual Hosting) in order to copy the signal 24/7 without having your MT4 platform open all day long. 

12. Go to your account details in the Navigator window of your MT4 platform, right click in your account number or name and select the option Register a Virtual Server.

13. In the Virtual Hosting Wizard window that opens, the VPS with the lower Ping, ms value is presented automatically.



14. Select your payment plan for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months and click Next.

15. Tick the: I agree to the virtual hosting service rules and the auto renewal option below (if you want) and click Next. 

16. Complete your payment for the VPS Service

17. In the next window, tick the Migrate signal: account and settings option, click End and you are done.

Bhiza Sithole
Bhiza Sithole  

It would help you if you also learn S & R 

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