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StepMA Stoch

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Very nice indicator I found elsewhere.

I'm not sure what the 'official' way of trading it is following the direction of the blue or yellow line (depending on timeframe) looks very nice.

And ofcource the xovers.

stepma.gif 14 kb

just to revive this thread, perhaps someone has got a litlle more info on this indicator..

i've added a 0.5 level on it and it shows if there's a up/down trend but that's about it...don't know how to tweak the parameter's i've tried a few but the results weren't as good as expected.


I think this one has signals too...

50EMA a cross of then an opening of the next bar above 'long''' or below ''short''

using the step and a trigger

i think there was ''VARmoving average''' someone suggested also at per 22 or 23 claimed to be better than 50EMA...

I think the IND inverse you plot a 50 or a 25 ema on it to use too..ive see a few versions of you can find it on TSD under just do a search for NINA...there is also a nice histogram in here too...

1 guy uses the first 3 i posted as his signal 1of them doesnt alwasy trigger wich keeps him out of some of the trades..

if you go to TSD forums homepage at the very bottom there is NINAs thread...Its pretty good read.

theres the original var mov avg ...and the newest one ''run default'' I dont think the new one has anything to do with it,, but it looks like a good filter too

there is all the info you will need....

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