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Indicators: LoongMAx96

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Automated-Trading 2010.09.01 16:57 


Draws 96 line MAs with only 100 lines of code (uses CMyBuffer class).

And the idea in Chinese name, called 'jun xian liu'.(That means "Moving Average Line Flow".) I wanted to simplify the multi-indicator template with a multi-line indicator. But it means many repetitive codes.

Or I need two-dimensional array, one dimensional for time index, another dimensional for MAs[] index. In MQL4, it is impossible. (And MQL4 support only 8 line indicator.) Then we had MetaTrader 5 and MQL5, them support class. And class can hide one dimensional. So I achieved the first version, at (notice: the old class named 'CIndicatorBuffer' conflicts with same name in Indicator.mqh)

Later, a newer version be discussed at (Thank 'Rosh' and 'investeo'!)

And now, the newest version is here.

Author: Loong


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