Camarilla pivot indicator

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Hello Traders

I am looking for a camarilla pivot indicator with hour shift option with MTF.

"Pivot star" is good.but no option to hour shift.Please anyone add hour shift option.


Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

You can try to find in CodeBase, and you may find on the threads:

Everything about Pivot

  1. Pivot indicators thread
  2. Pivot range thread (with indicators and trading system development)
  3. The Only Pivot: thread with pivot indicators and trading systems and separated thread with EA according to this system.
  4. Historical Pivot Indicator thread 
  5. Pivot Like DOTS Indicator thread
  6. CCI Woodie like - the thread with Woodie Pivots indicator
  7. Bar Pivot System and EA - the thread
  8. Auto Fibonacci indicator - the thread with Pivot Points Multitimeframe indicator
  9. Pivot Scalper using Pivot Points - Daily (Shifted) - the thread

if not so you can order it in Freelance.

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