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Harikrishnabhai Patel
Harikrishnabhai Patel  

Hi Everyone,

Just check attached graph. I have tried to cover up almost all scenario so that you can have one complete system without trying hard and sitting in front of screen all time.

Will call it "SIMPLE SHG 100 PIPS SYSTEM"

Why i called it 100 pips because you can make 100 pips a day if you follow the rules...You can make more if

1. You have more time (Full Time Trader)

2. Trading more currencies

3. Have more capital in account

4. ETC.

Okay so above is the GBPCAD H1 graph. I have used 3 indicators.

1. Bollinger Bands

2. Top Trend

3. Zigzag

In this screen shot i have included almost 6 to 7 trades. Lets check it out....

1. At numbered 1 candle we have matched both top trend in one direction. Blue dot and Aqua dot are 2 top trends which matched. I will wait till that candle finishes because some times when price run against it then the dot will disappear. It do not repaint but it happens so every time we have to wait to finish that candle to see that dot is continue in the same direction. At next candle i will open the trade. This is buy trade. And at the spot 2 i have to exit the trade. So that is exit point but zigzag points are not steady. it keeps moving up and up or when its going down then it moves down and down to next candle. So here what i do is i have my stop loss at the previous candle close price to save my profit. and if that hits then my trade is closed or else it will keep moving up. If it is trending and i am in profit of say 50 pips or 80 pips then i wait for 20 pips to 25 pips to go against me and i close that trade. But this applies only once the dot appear...if zigzag dot do not appeared and toptrend gives me opposite signal then i can exit the trade (this wont happen in h1 or h4 graphs but in case once in while if that happens then we need some rules to be placed..)

I made 8 pips in this trade. Its not trending. Its ranging since couple of hours. Remember i have taken this chart because we see more ranging trade then trending. When its trending, it will give us lot of pips.

2. Numbered 3 candle is our sell signal. and closing of that candle i will go for sell. And closing at spot 4. Again when you feel that price is moving away too much from the zigzag point 4. You must close it.

I made 56 pips in this trade.

3. Numbered 5 is my buy trade. Can you see very big green candle in between spot 4 and 5. This make me to think to open a trade or not because it might be news. But lets assume that we just want to jump in to the trade blindly. So entry point is 5 and exit point is 6. i can see that in last 4 hours price kept moving up and down so i could have closed this trade at no profit no loss.

This is ranging trade.

4. Numbered 7 is my entry for buy trade and numbered 8 is my exit point for buy trade. Same rule applied for closing price. Previous candle closing price.

I made almost 20 pips in ranging market.

5. Number 9 is the entry for sell and number 10 is exit. Closing price rules applied here... but i would have closed the trade once it went against me 20 pips from the lowest price of this candle. Because next candle was green.

Also you might think that why i marked 10 here instead of near to zigzag dot because the zigzag previous dot was here and then it moved further down. As in the present i do not know about future so i have exited this trade here. Now if you see that trend continue to the same direction then you can go to 30 min or 15 min chart for entry because we do not enter in to the middle of the signal but if we want to then we have to go to the smaller time frame to enter in to the same direction of 1H. If you are working in 4H then you can try 1H or 30Min chart for entry. Plz see the below chart where i enter the trade marked 10.1 and the above chart marked 10.2 is the exit for this trade.

I made 53 pips in numbered 9 trade and in numbered 10.1 trade i made 20 pips because i do not want to wait more. As it is sub trade to main trade so i just wanted to bank some pips. Only enter to sub trade once you are confident or else leave it....You will get more opportunity in other currencies...

6. At point 11 both dots matched. Waited for candle to close to confirm both dots. Entered in to the sell trade. 12 is exit point.

I made only 5 pips. It was about 22 pips positive but depends when you exit. Again its ranging.

7. Spot 13 is not the trade even dots matched. Can you see it has got the zigzag dot on the same candle. Means what that its ranging plus it has got highest price hit on the same candle so i will not trade that candle.

8. Spot 14 both dots matched and i traded. Its ranging market and i was 10 pips positive. I didnt trade that because i was sleeping...It was early in the morning my local time....

This is how i trade and i always make profit. some trades goes against me but that makes me roughly 10 to 20 pips loss. H4 is very very best to trade on this strategy and it gives really good profit...

If you have any questions then please ask me and i will try to give you satisfactory answer....



Hi Harry, I like your system very much and would love to test it when the markets open; in the mean time did you have any luck with getting alerts when both values match?. And thank you for sharing your system. Much appreciated. Cheers

Harikrishnabhai Patel
Harikrishnabhai Patel  
Hi Harry, I like your system very much and would love to test it when the markets open; in the mean time did you have any luck with getting alerts when both values match?. And thank you for sharing your system. Much appreciated. Cheers

Hi Sameer,

thanks for your words. No i do not have anything yet. But i am working daily about 10 to 12 hours on system and making it more stronger. Once i have complete system i will post it again...till them you can work on this one....

good luck


Top trend is renamed bb stops


shg1 , can you post your recently template of this system ?

I think in some market conditions (eg. in sharp moves) it's better note to other timeframes

I will post some slides that sign this subject further ..



Trading in the counter side of bollinger bands break is working good in ranging market, but in sharply trending it can ruin you.

Harikrishnabhai Patel
Harikrishnabhai Patel  

Hey Guys,

Sorry for delayed reply. i am attaching my template incase if anyone wants to use it. I am learning Renko right now so i am spending more time behind it. Also i have got more better indicators to work on it so once i am ready i will post it here...




Michael Hand
Michael Hand  

Looks to me that it could have some merit on M30 specially for EJ and GJ. I would use a 200 ema as a filter - longs above, shorts below. Clearly there is some merit if 2 time frames agree but haven't really looked into that yet.


Hi Shg1,

Very interesting proposal. I was trying to play with the template you submitted but many of requested indicators are missing.

Can you attached them too? Or point to the source? Some names of indys are not unique so there is always a question which indy should be used.

Looking forward to give this method a real try.




Hello everyone, I just found this site today. Immediately bookmarked! Wow! I found a non repainting indicator with over 90% accuracy but it has some bugs causing the indicator to not display it's signals in real time. To get around this I have been continuously deleting it from my chart then re-adding it to take advantage of it's amazing accuracy. I would be most grateful if someone could take a look and see if it can be fixed so I do not have to keep doing that! Also, it would be sweet if alerts could be added. Please see the code below. Many Thanks in advance to anyone willing to take a stab at modifying this amazing indicator. I guarantee it will be worth your while and to the bountiful benefit of anyone who decides to use it.

#define SIGNAL_NONE 0

#define SIGNAL_BUY 1

#define SIGNAL_SELL 2



#property indicator_chart_window

#property indicator_buffers 2

#property indicator_color1 Red

#property indicator_color2 Blue

extern int AllBars = 0;

extern int Otstup = 30;

extern double Per = 9.0;

int gi_92;

int gi_96;

int gi_100;

int gi_104;

double gd_108;

double g_high_116;

double g_low_124;

double g_ibuf_132[];

double g_ibuf_136[];

int init() {

if (Bars < AllBars + Per || AllBars == 0) gi_96 = Bars - Per;

else gi_96 = AllBars;



SetIndexStyle(0, DRAW_ARROW, STYLE_SOLID, 1);

SetIndexStyle(1, DRAW_ARROW, STYLE_SOLID, 1);

SetIndexArrow(0, 159);

SetIndexArrow(1, 159);

SetIndexBuffer(0, g_ibuf_136);

SetIndexBuffer(1, g_ibuf_132);

SetIndexDrawBegin(0, Bars - gi_96);

SetIndexDrawBegin(1, Bars - gi_96);

ArrayInitialize(g_ibuf_132, 0.0);

ArrayInitialize(g_ibuf_136, 0.0);

return (0);


int deinit() {

return (0);


int start() {

int l_ind_counted_0 = IndicatorCounted();

if (l_ind_counted_0 < 0) return (-1);


if (gi_96 > Bars - l_ind_counted_0) gi_96 = Bars - l_ind_counted_0;

for (gi_92 = 1; gi_92 < gi_96; gi_92++) {

gd_108 = 0;

for (gi_100 = gi_92; gi_100 < gi_92 + 10; gi_100++) gd_108 += (gi_92 + 10 - gi_100) * (High[gi_100] - Low[gi_100]);

gd_108 /= 55.0;

g_high_116 = High;

g_low_124 = Low;

if (Close[gi_92] < g_low_124 + (g_high_116 - g_low_124) * Otstup / 100.0 && gi_104 != -1) {

g_ibuf_136[gi_92] = Low[gi_92] - gd_108 / 2.0;

gi_104 = -1;


if (Close[gi_92] > g_high_116 - (g_high_116 - g_low_124) * Otstup / 100.0 && gi_104 != 1) {

g_ibuf_132[gi_92] = High[gi_92] + gd_108 / 2.0;

gi_104 = 1;



return (0);


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