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Script: NettoTrading Help

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Script being discussed: NettoTrading

- I will keep this as brief as possible.

- I prefer to Buy/Sell with OneClickTrading(market orders) and have it automatically subtract/add/close my current position. Similar to a DOM

  with NinjaTrader/Futures platforms.

- So I use NettoTrading on MT4 with my current broker.

- It's always very buggy to get to start, but eventually it does work.

- With current broker the symbols are listed as such: EURUSDi or USDJPYi.

- With new broker I am testing (also MT4 platform) the symbols are listed: EURUSDy USDJPYy etc.

- NettoTrading does not work with new broker/platform I am testing.


- In the script it says for example (just an excerpt):

AmountSymbols = GetSymbols(Symbols);

    StrOut = StrInit;
    for (i = 0; i < AmountSymbols; i++)
      if (AntiSwap)


- Is the "i" why the script will not work it is reading the symbol from this broker differently?

- What can I do to modify this script to run more smoothly? Or tweak my platform to allow to accept script better.

- Are there other scripts similar to this where I do not have to use hedging feature and/or the close order commands from Trade Terminal?

- Sorry, I do not know much about MetaTrader coding.

- I do know with AntiSwap = True and AllowLiveTrading checked is when it works after I "execute on chart" (With current broker, not new one)


- I have attached NettoTrading.mp4 script for reference.

Thanks for your time,



Also here is the original description page link from the creator, "getch".

Thanks all,


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  • 2009.12.28
  • getch
The script allows to use MetaTrader4 as netting platform. It has some advantages compared with MetaTrader5.

UPDATE: Broker says it could be an issue with the symbol composite ie EURUSDy (script cannot match with broker symbols to execute orders), however I have not found a solution to this yet.

Please someone with more skill take a look over this script for me,


NettoTrading Line1

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