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How to move chart up or down?

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peter100 peter
peter100 peter 2013.11.29 04:47 


I`ve been trading quiet long time now, but still haven`t solved one of problems I have with charts of MT5 setup: I don`t know how to vertically compress - move position of chart lower or higher when there`s not enough of space to see where your indicators show possible targets that are above or below the highest or lowest point seen on temporary chart screen. Till now I tried to compensate it with looking the whole thing on higher time frames but it`s still it`s very awkward when you want to draw some trend line channels, AB-CD patterns etc.. Please help me to solve that problem, because I`m sure it`s just a matter of one button I haven`t discovered on my keyboard yet.. :)  THANKS!

Alain Verleyen
Alain Verleyen 2013.11.29 08:18  

clicking with the left mouse button on the chart vertical scale and holding of it with the subsequent vertical moving of the cursor result in vertical chart scaling, and the double click with the mouse on the chart vertical scale will rescale the chart;

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