How to move chart up or down?

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I`ve been trading quiet long time now, but still haven`t solved one of problems I have with charts of MT5 setup: I don`t know how to vertically compress - move position of chart lower or higher when there`s not enough of space to see where your indicators show possible targets that are above or below the highest or lowest point seen on temporary chart screen. Till now I tried to compensate it with looking the whole thing on higher time frames but it`s still it`s very awkward when you want to draw some trend line channels, AB-CD patterns etc.. Please help me to solve that problem, because I`m sure it`s just a matter of one button I haven`t discovered on my keyboard yet.. :)  THANKS!

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Milan Štubljar #: We are looking for a move up or down. Not re-scale.
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    Turn off autoscaling and drag the vertical scale or the chart. (Remember to turn is back on before minimizing the chart on MT4, or you will have to use F8; don't know about MT5.)

  2. Turn off auto-scaling: uncheck Chart Right-click → Properties (F8) → Common → Scale Fix and you can drag the price scale to show less.
              how do i delete an erroneus bar - MQL5 programming forum (2020)


Years and years later. I may have a solution that may help you. When you use fix scale adjust the fixed maxium and fixed 
minimum scale to a price way out of range. Reemember that when you reach these ranges you will have to adjust these numbers again.
This enables you too move the chart horizontally. For example: the S&P 500 I use a fix scale of 5000 and 2500. For the EURUSD I use a fix
scale max of 1.25000 and a fix scale minimum  of 0.95000

Right click chart > Properties >Common > Click Scale fix > Adjust maximum and minimum scales.