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MT4 causes computer crash - page 3

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mt4ssy 2015.06.21 02:09  
A simple bug in a program can cause all those ‘damages’ you mentioned.  But it is not a virus.

Based on what you’ve written, it is clear that you
1. Do not have a background in computer science or software engineering; (I do)
2. Have never written a computer program of any complexity that you actually ran and tested on any system;
3. Have never experienced a real computer virus or even heard of the havoc they can wreak (such as requiring outside help to boot up and have some or all of your files wiped clean).

Not to put anyone down, just to show how continuing this discussion is fruitless. 

Of course I understand you will want to deny all of the above, so I will give you the last word to do so.  Bye.
Paul 2015.06.21 20:19  
For windows XP it will crash if you don't have service pack 3.
zeck4sw 2015.11.13 18:37  
i'm also facing this prob on my laptop... so what should i do...
any solution....?
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