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Discussion of article "MQL5 Cookbook: Indicator Subwindow Controls - Buttons"

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New article MQL5 Cookbook: Indicator Subwindow Controls - Buttons has been published:

In this article, we will consider an example of developing a user interface with button controls. To convey the idea of interactivity to the user, buttons will change their colors when the cursor hovers over them. With the cursor being over a button, the button color will be slightly darkened, getting significantly darker when the button is clicked. Furthermore, we will add tooltips to each button, thus creating an intuitive interface.

The article will also cover some events: mouse move event, state of the left mouse button, left-click on an object and the event of modifying chart properties. We are going to create a button panel that will take up the entire space of the indicator subwindow. For illustrative purposes, the buttons will be arranged in three rows, with four buttons in each row.

MQL5 Cookbook: Indicator Subwindow Controls - Buttons

Author: Anatoli Kazharski



I want to say thank you for your contributions to the MQL5 community.  Your examples have launched me forward several months in the development of my own code.  Again, many thanks.

I have a need to use this "indicator" for Open Long, Open Short, Close All, and Set Trailing Stop buttons.  My problem is that I need to interact with my EA so that I can

1) get to these functions within the EA, and

2) get EA recommendations by flashing the "Open Long" button when the pSAR, the CCI, the MACD or other indicators trigger.

So here's my question: How can I make the EA communicate with the indicator buttons, and make the indicator buttons interface with the EA?

Thank you in advance,


Anatoli Kazharski
Anatoli Kazharski  


I think that's the version do you like more: Graphical Interfaces I: Preparation of the Library Structure (Chapter 1)

Follow continuation of this series. There will be many detailed examples.

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