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This Expert Advisor is version of MetaQuant-ATC10, modified for one currency pair, with the possibility to adjust and optimize all parameters.

Of course, can be attached to more/several currency pairs and get a result like in the Automated Trading Championship 2010.

The Expert Advisor is based on the "Averaging Grid". If the position is developing at a loss, open new orders in variable step. The aim is to approach the average price of a position to the market price, so the correction will turn it to a profit and close.

Purpose and method of operation of the input parameters:

  1. StartType - identify the type of the first order after the start (Buy or Sell).
  2. Lot - volume of initial and subsequent orders.
  3. MaxLot - the maximum volume to which the position can reach (total volume of all orders).
  4. Trailing - Trailing Stop in the percentage of the profit (0.7=70%).
    The minimal profit is equal to the profit that would have won the position with a volume = Lot and difference in price = Step.
  5. Step - there are two purposes:
    • As a Take Profit - initially in reaching which is triggered Trailing Stop;
    • As a distance that will be opens up the second order, if the price goes towards losing direction

    Each subsequent order after second will be opened by changed step. How will be modified this step depends on the rate of "Agres".

    For the pairs with minor JPY currency (USDJPY, EURJPY, ...) the value of Step parameter must be multiplied by 100.

  6. Agres - aggression factor which determines the algorithm for calculating the step size to the next order.
    Reasonable values are from 0.0 to 1.0
    • Agres > 1.0 reduces the step between orders quickly and easily reach a point, that open orders on each tick (until the limit of the MaxLot).
    • At Agres = 1.0 (recommend) step between orders reduces both MetaQuant-ATC10 (approximately 100, 51, 32, 24, 20, 17, 15 ...)
    • If Agres = 0.0 orders will start after an equal number of pips. (Step).
    • If Agres < 0.0 orders will start with increasing step, which requires more correction to come up the position with profit. There is a risk of prolonged detention of a losing position.
  7. Invers - determines the direction of changing orders after the close of the previous series of orders.
    • When it is FALSE, new position is opened in the same direction as the previous one.
    • If TRUE, after closing BUY - opens SELL and open BUY after closing SELL.
Richer Araujo
2015.05.08 22:35 


2013.02.27 08:03 

Очень хороший эксперт, рекомендую особенно рекомендую новичкам. Минимум настроек.

Peter Atkinson-Crawford
2012.03.30 10:19 

This EA is fantastic but unfortunately at time of writing this review there seems to be an issue with currency pairs ending in JPY. The position is immediately added to in steps of Lot until MaxLot is reached, but only on pairs ending in JPY as mentioned. All other pairs seems to have no issues and the EA works great on them.