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Affiliate program in Market and Signals to be closed

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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2015.12.21 13:03 

Affiliate program in Market and Signals to be closed

Due to low demand and incompatibility with the new services, the affiliate program is to be closed soon.

  • Beginning from January 1, 2016, it will no longer be possible to set a partner payoff amount and register new affiliate links.
  • Starting from April 1, 2016, no more payoff will be received by promoters for purchases made via affiliate links.
sathish kumar
sathish kumar 2015.12.21 14:16  
little unhappy news for affilate
Khurram Mustafa
Khurram Mustafa 2015.12.22 16:37  

What type of offer this was? I am sorry for less knowledge but i didn't see this type of offer.

Please update for any new offer/opportunity giving by you. thanks with appreciated :) 

Lorentzos Roussos
Lorentzos Roussos 2015.12.22 20:13  
I thought it was a supplementary method to drive customers in the market.

Off course i have no access to the real statistics.

Sad to hear though.
Blahtech Limited
James Cater 2015.12.31 15:27  

I think this is a bit much.

You make this announcement on 21st December, in theory giving the sellers 10 days notice, but then you shut down the market place for new products 4 days later on the 25th.

Please could you extend this deadline by another week to allow those products that have been uploaded before the 31st to be included in the affiliate program until April 1st.

Francis Dogbe
Francis Dogbe 2016.01.25 07:58  
thanks for the heads up..
Diamond Ashiegbu
Diamond Ashiegbu 2016.04.01 22:04  

Is this affiliate ban effective this 1st April 2016?

Pankaj D Costa
Pankaj D Costa 2016.04.02 14:24  

I am happy with this decision. Because MQL5 system never follow cookies in favour of affiliate holder and maximum affiliate holder missed their profit. I wrote earlier also regarding this. Ex. I got an information about a signal / product from affiliate link then contact with owner for further details and then purchase directly from him. What is the benefit for affiliate holder who brought this information to me? 

But I think, MQL5 should take more stable option for affiliate market. Thanks. 

Rawicha Wonchumphu
Rawicha Wonchumphu 2016.07.24 17:27  
There is really a simple solution, it's NOT difficult at all... CLICKBANK uses but, the link shows!   YOUR WELCOME! Simple as that! Maybe we should be on the staff.
Marco vd Heijden
Marco vd Heijden 2017.03.17 12:25  
Very good thanks Sergey.
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