i build neural network ea. need advice


i build a neural network ea. it can auto learning without teaching.

it is a prototype. it just trade and close without any money management(now the lots is the win rate) and trailing stop even stop loss and take profit.. i think it is potential. if you have a good money management system or other profit protect system. please mail me. if it works, you will have this ea.

if you are familiar with neural network, i think we can talk about this. exchange the opinion. or building a team, test every nn, find the best,and make money.


mt4cn@hotmail.com or QQ 272226096
I'm a programmer, study NN in depth before, I've got some NN codes as well

looking forward to working with you



yongbin yu
yongbin yu  





Jinsong Zhang
Jinsong Zhang  

Interesting results...

I have several high quality mql indicators with specific E.A's any of you there willing to work with me drop me a line and perhaps we can produce some better quality E.A's that are profitable.


Hatem Abou Ouf
Hatem Abou Ouf  


I am a very beginner in the programming field. It happens that i have a trading strategy that might work well if i have a hybrid EA including NN. However,i couldnot afford time or effort to start learning everything about advanced programming, genetic algorithms or Neural networks. I surfed to find out if there is a software can enable me to build an EA without the need of advanced programming knowledge.Actually, if this will work, i could design, my what i call it, prototype EA. If this prototype EA shows promising results, i might go further to professionally produce it. For example, by hiring a professional programmer or contacting a reputable programming company.

Now, i found Neuroshell software could satisfy me with my need in this area of designing and building an EA without much programming knowlege.

My wondering, if you know guys any of their compititors that i could look at and make a fair comparison based on my needs and what they offer so i could decide which one i will go for??

Thanks for you patience and time

Hope to hear from you soon.

Email: McGene2010@yahoo.com