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Transaction Repeater Full

This is an easy to use trade copier with no excessive functions. The product performs direct and reverse copying. In case of direct copying, the utility manages Stop Loss and Take Profit of each order. It repeats modifications of market and limit orders placed on a master account. There is also the possibility to copy in "one to many" and "many to one" modes.

The demo version of the product is available at https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/7635

Attention: The product is designed for copying trades only within a single computer or VPS with access to the desktop. The product will not work on the built-in Virtual Hosting of the terminal.

We will help you set up a copyist on your server or PC.

Launching the Copier

  1. On the provider's account, run "Transaction Repeater Full" from folder "Experts\Market". The product works on any chart.
  2. Select Master mode. Select necessary parameters.
  3. If prefixes or suffixes are used in symbol names on the master account, they should be indicated in parameters mPrefix and mSuffix.
  4. Set the period of master account data update in parameter "Sleep mls.". The number of milliseconds.
  5. On the client's account, run "Transaction Repeater Full" from folder "Experts\Market". The product works on any chart.
  6. Select Slave or Slave_reverse mode.
  7. In the ServerAccount parameter. specify the number of the master account, on which the trade copier is running in the master mode.
  8. ServerAccount value can be left unchanged. After start, in the upper left corner of the chart, click on the required master account number the trade copier is running on.
  9. If prefixes or suffixes are used in symbol names on the slave account, they should be indicated in parameters sPrefix and sSuffix.
  10. If "many to one" copying is performed, StMagik parameter of each launched copy should be different.
  11. Set up other parameters.


  1. Mode - script operation mode:
    • Master - for a provider account; in this mode, the script transmits trades from the master account.
    • Slave - for a recipient account; in this mode, the script receives the data transmitted by the script from the master account.
    • Slave_reverse - for a recipient account; in this mode, the script receives the data transmitted by the script from the master account and reverses the trade's direction. In other words, if BUY is opened on the master account, SELL is opened on the client one.
  2. Sleep mls. - data file update/check period in milliseconds.
  3. mPrefix - prefix in symbol names on the master account. Leave blank if no prefix is used.
  4. mSuffix - suffix in symbol names on the master account. Leave blank if no suffix is used.
  5. ServerAccount - number of the master account to copy trades from. If 0, then you need to select the account number from the list in the upper left corner immediately after starting the copyer.
  6. Copy ratio - lot copying ratio.
  7. UseFixLot - if "YES", a value from FixLot will be used.
  8. FixLot - fixed lot size.
  9. OnlyMarket - if "YES", only market orders are copied. If "NO", market and limit/stop orders are copied.
  10. allowable time copy sec. - allowable copying time in seconds.
  11. StMagik - any number, allows to avoid confusion if several script copies are launched.
  12. marker - a comment to an order sent by the copier, provides for an easier monitoring of orders opened by the copier
  13. Slippage - maximum price slippage set when sending an order by the copier.
  14. LimitEquity - copying is stopped if available funds on a receiver account are less than the specified value. However, open orders are simultaneously closed with the ones on the master account.
  15. sPrefix - prefix in symbol names on the slave account. Leave blank if no prefix is used.
  16. sSuffix - suffix in symbol names on the slave account. Leave blank if no suffix is used.
Ramon Vieira Reinaldo
Ramon Vieira Reinaldo 2018.09.06 05:30   

I have not been able to use

signmark 2018.09.01 17:14 

Отличная работа! Разработчик помог с установкой.

Ariel Anthony Penalosa
Ariel Anthony Penalosa 2018.07.05 03:56 

Very simple compared to others. Works great

pnutfx503 2017.05.31 08:11 

Does what it says it does.

Ferdinandus Charlie
Ferdinandus Charlie 2017.05.29 08:40 


Pejman Najjari Manizan
Pejman Najjari Manizan 2017.05.07 14:36 

Works great

yannis72400 2017.04.26 05:06 

Have been using the product for 2 months now. Everything is working fine, have one to one copy. I will soon move on many to one and see how that goes.

fx9 fx9
fx9 fx9 2017.04.15 22:14 

Excellent Product...Excellent Support will help with anything until it works, 100% Satisified.

nejlepsi 2017.04.13 18:18 

Very good.

I have tried many other Copy EAs with 1000 funktions, but they does not work.

But this one is perfect.

BLAGOJ STOJKOVSKI 2017.04.08 17:36 

Works great!!!

Thomas Kjelvik
Thomas Kjelvik 2017.03.30 08:36 

Works great if you need to copy trades between different MT4 platforms

carlos33 2017.02.28 18:46 


Vitalie Postolache
Vitalie Postolache 2017.01.23 02:52 

Der Benutzer hat keinen Kommentar hinterlassen

Tsz Lun Choi
Tsz Lun Choi 2017.01.22 10:45 

Good Service and product

Mustafa Doruk Basar
Mustafa Doruk Basar 2016.12.21 09:10 

It works just the way i want. using it for 3 months now and i have not have a single problem.

45899 2016.10.05 00:11 

Excelente programa, porém há pontos que precisam serem considerados na configuração de tal forma que as transações não aplicam corretamente.

Faz o que promete está aprovado.

Excellent program, but there are points that need to be considered in setting such that the transactions do not apply correctly.

Does what it promises is approved.

Excelente programa, pero hay puntos que deben tenerse en cuenta en el establecimiento de tal manera que las transacciones no se aplican correctamente.

Hace lo que promete es aprobado.

Отличная программа, но есть моменты, которые необходимо учитывать при установлении таким образом, что транзакции не могут правильно применять.

Есть ли то, что он обещает утвержден.



Version 2.53 2018.01.18
Added the real name of the developer and a link to mql5.community profile to the About tab of the program
Version 2.52 2018.01.16
Fixed the spontaneous closure of deals on the slave account in case of a disconnection from the master account.
Version 2.51 2017.12.14
Fixed inadvertent closing of one or several active trades.
Version 2.50 2017.11.17
Optimized code.
Version 2.49 2017.09.21
Fixed an error that could occur if the "Sleep mls." parameter value was set too small.
Version 2.48 2017.04.18
Added a parameter responsible for the allowed slippage when opening a deal: "Allowable price slip when opening a deal"
Added the "marker" parameter. The value of this parameter is added to the order comment when opening.
Version 2.45 2017.03.14
The "Coeff" parameter has been renamed to "Copy ratio"
Fixed the operation in the OnlyMarket=YES mode. Earlier, in this mode, if the orders on the master account had stop levels, they were copied to the slave account.
Version 2.43 2017.02.27
Added a prohibition on using the product for duplicating the trades on the same account. Earlier, when trying to use the copier on the same account both in "Master" and "Slave" or "Slave_revers" modes, multiple trades were opened.
Changed the algorithm for identification of trades opened by the copier. In this version, the copier will not use the order comments to identify its trades.
Version 2.42 2017.02.06
Fixed the error that occurred when copying one to one. The error occurred when a copying was performed simultaneously from one "EURUSD" symbol on the master to instruments of the same type, such as "EURUSD" and "EURUSD."
Version 2.41 2016.07.11
One of the product buyers informed me that the copier didn't work in platform build 985. The code has been recompiled to run in build 985, all functions have been tested. The new version works well.
Version 2.4 2015.09.11
1. Fixed an error with 5- and 3-digit quotes. Position opening/closing could fail sometimes due to auto slippage adjustment during order sending.
2. Updated notification algorithm during EA start with "Auto-Trading" button unpressed.
Version 2.3 2015.05.05
Fixed error which occured when you specified suffixes or prefixes in settings.
Version 2.2 2015.04.13
Additional information is entered into the log before an order is sent, closed or modified.
Version 2.1 2015.04.07
Fixed an error that occurred when copying trades from one terminal to several others at the same time.
Version 2.0 2015.04.03
1. Added ServerAccount variable. Enter your Master account number to start copying.
2. Added ability to select a Master account number from the list by clicking in the upper left corner.
3. Fixed transmitting deals in Master mode.
Version 1.2 2015.03.05
Added sPrefix, sSuffix, mPrefix and mSuffix parameters to copy trades when there are different suffixes and prefixes on a client and a server.
Version 1.1 2015.02.11
1. Optimized the copier's code to reduce the processor load.
2. Fixed the error when copying orders to the terminals with different accuracy. Previously, the log was filled with error messages (like OpenPrice: error #1 order #232389787 to master order #4786083) when coyping from a five-digit terminal to a four-digit one.