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Active Lines for MT4

Active Lines - a powerful professional tool for operations with lines on charts. Active Lines provides a wide range of actions for events when the price crosses lines. For example: notify, open/modify/close a position, place/remove pending orders. With Active Lines you can assign several tasks to one line, for each of which you can set individual trigger conditions, as well as conditions for re-activations and the number of possible activations.

Active Lines helps you easily organize various trading strategies connected with trendlines, support and resistance lines. For example, for trading inside a channel, trading in a triangle, grid of orders, etc.

Attaching a task to a line is easy - press the left mouse button on the line and hold it until a window appears, where you can set/modify/check tasks. Line colors and names do not matter for Active Lines.


  • The intuitive interface of the program. Two separate windows:
    • The list of all lines with tasks;
    • All tasks for a separate line. Windows can be moved and hidden.
  • Can work with 3 types of lines:
    • Horizontal line;
    • Trendline;
    • Fibo retracement.
  • 2 types of events: break through and rollback to the line.
  • 11 main actions for the task:
    • Alert - a sound alert, a message on the screen, an email, push-notification, switch to the chart on top of all other charts;
    • Buy, Sell - sending an appropriate market order with specified Stop Loss and Take Profit, as well as a unique identifier to be used in subsequent tasks to modify and/or close positions;
    • Close - closing a position, partial closing, part to close can be specified as a percentage;
    • Modify - modifying Stop Loss and/or Take Profit of an open position;
    • Buy Stop, Buy Limit, Sell Stop, Sell Limit - placing pending orders, a separate identifier can be set to each order to be used when deleting orders;
    • Delete Orders - deleting pending orders;
    • Stop Tasks - canceling tasks on a specific line. This action allows to cancel tasks of a line if another line is crossed.
  • Up to 15 tasks for one line. Tasks are executed sequentially, from left to right, as they are located in the tasks window. Tasks can be moved dragged relative to each other to set them in the right order.
  • Task re-activation.
  • A line can be deleted after all tasks are completed. Available only for horizontal and trend lines.
  • Most of parameters in tasks are set by simple drag-n-drop of additional lines which appear when you edit a task.
  • Each task has its individual log.
  • Line can be set as segments to limit the activity of tasks in time.
  • The number of lines with tasks is not limited.
  • Lines with active tasks are marked with an animated locator icon.
  • "Highlighting" of lines.
  • You can save and upload sets of tasks as templates. Templates are saved in files with the ".tsk" extension. The templates can be saved in both the local terminal folder and in the shared folder available to all the terminals on the computer.
  • Protection against accidental events - disabling tasks if line is moved close to the price.
  • You can limit the volume of an opened position and the number of placed orders in one direction.
  • Support of software restart: tasks are not lost during program/terminal restart.
  • Interactive help on task parameters.
Note: Active Lines does not work in the terminal tester. To see how the program works, please use the free version Active Lines DEMO.

Input parameters

  • Language - language of messages and tooltips.
  • Max Position - maximum position volume the program should open. If 0, the parameter is not managed.
  • Max Orders - maximum amount of orders the program can place. If 0, the parameter is not managed.
  • Deviation for Market Order(in point) - allowable price deviation when placing a market order, in points.
  • Print log in Experts tab - message display mode: true - messages are displayed in the EA and Journal tab of the task, else - messages are displayed only in the Journal tab of the task.
  • Color of Price Line - pending order line color.
  • Color of SL Line - stop loss line color.
  • Color of TP Line - take profit line color.
  • List of Active Tasks - select the method to display the list of tasks assigned to the line. There are two options:
    • Always visible - constantly display the task list below the line.
    • Only tooltip - tooltip when a line is hovered.
david880 2019.05.22 18:45 

Amazing product! Most essential functions included, and with very good setting flexibility.

Author provides very fast response and support with very good solution to the question.

Best value to own this EA! Thank you very much.

Den JH
Den JH 2019.04.29 21:09 

Very useful utility.

Cassiano Augusto Cavalcanti
Cassiano Augusto Cavalcanti 2018.12.27 01:48 

I use a lot. I designed many strategies using this EA.

Christian Astillero
Christian Astillero 2018.07.30 20:32 

It´s a grat product, Thanks!!!

Cenk CAKIRAL 2018.06.29 14:35   

I bought the software last week. Very good software, I recommend everyone to use. It will be great if you add the 2 events called "BUY ON CANDLE CLOSE" and "SELL ON CANDLE CLOSE"

dimanep 2018.05.28 02:08 

думаю это лучший продукт для торговли по линиям. разобраться не сложно.

Sinbad01 2018.05.10 20:29 

Love this product just wish it had Reverse as one of the actions as well. Thank you,

Morard Kevin
Morard Kevin 2018.04.16 17:44 

Génial! un bon moment que je cherchais ça

Peter 2017.12.11 16:24 

Fantastic tool, works very well. Thanks!

koceto_kadev 2017.09.07 13:52 

The best Expert Advisor I have bought/seen so far!

Thank you very much Yury!

fxcommentary 2016.12.05 23:43 

It is a very good tool. Very logical, visual, user friendly. I recommend "start task" option to trigger stop loss orders instead of limit orders.

BTW - "order commenting" is exactly what I need.

Simply worth the money.

James Moore
James Moore 2016.09.28 19:49 

I rented this EA and it worked perfectly. However, this wasn't good for the types of trades I like to take. Pretty good EA.

Fotios Kasampas
Fotios Kasampas 2016.04.11 11:51 

The best EA by far!!! Works perfectly

DalePro 2015.11.03 00:06   

This product is working very nicely, Thank you Yuri!

Zack van Zyl
Zack van Zyl 2015.09.30 08:35 

Amazing product and amazing author! Very responsive and helpful. This tool has enabled me to catch bounces off trend lines and I'm grateful for the author sharing this tool, it should be sold for a lot more!

azzkiker10 2015.05.15 01:47 

Very userful utility. i used to always wonder if there is a way to place orders after touching support or resistance lines with a clear buffer of price action as confirmation.

finally i found it here,

Arthur Drakopoulos
Arthur Drakopoulos 2015.01.06 02:09 

Simply one of the best software I have come across. Its as if Active Lines was tailor made for my strategy. Thank you Yury you are a legend!

Version 1.17 2018.07.26
Добавлено новое задание "Reverse".
Version 1.16 2018.04.26
Added the ability to move the locator on the line using the mouse.
Fixed the display of tooltip.
Version 1.15 2018.03.19
Added the "Prefix" text box to the "Alert" parameters, which is added at the beginning of the notifications. If the field is empty, it is automatically filled by the symbol and timeframe names.
Version 1.12 2017.12.01
Added a tooltip notifying of the inability to attach tasks to certain lines.
Version 1.11 2016.11.22
Fixed reset of the volume of 0.01 after restarting the program.
Version 1.10 2016.08.19
- New task "Start Tasks", which activates tasks on the appropriate line.
- Added display of the list of active tasks next to locator icon. The display mode is set by parameter "List of Active tasks": constant display or popup text when pointing a cursor to the locator icon.
Version 1.9 2016.05.26
- Fixed an error in the "Modify" task, which occurred when trying to modify an order that was partially closed by a previous task.
Version 1.8 2016.05.17
- Fixed the error when setting the position volume in lots in the "Close" task.
Version 1.7 2016.05.12
Fixed the inheritance of the order number during partial closure of a position.
Version 1.6 2016.04.20
Added the "Ticket" parameter to the tasks, which is the number of the order. Using this parameter it is possible to select different orders in the "Modify", "Close" and "Delete orders" tasks.
Version 1.5 2016.03.21
Fixed margin calculation error that could occur with some brokers.
Version 1.4 2015.12.07
Added the Text parameter (order comment) to tasks. Using this parameter, you can select certain positions and orders having the parameter contents included into a comment.
Version 1.3 2015.10.28
Fixed skipping event activations for some lines when restarting the program.
Version 1.2 2015.10.02
- Added the two timer operation modes for the "Rollback to the line" event: waiting for an event during or after a specified time interval.
- Added the ability to save a screenshot for the ALERT task. A screenshot is saved to the ...\MQL4\Files\Screenshots folder. The file name has the following format: SymbolName_Timeframe_LineName_Time(hours-minutes).
- Added the ability to play an audio signal multiple times for the ALERT task.
- Added the ability to calculate an order volume automatically for the trade order placement tasks.
Version 1.1 2014.12.16
Fixed error in UI