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CAP Rebate Trading EA

CAP Rebate Trading EA  is an automatic trading robot, a high-frequency grid trading system. EA performs a great number of trades allowing it to make profit not only from Forex market but also from receiving rebates (returning part of a spread). Since the security margin for a locking position is about 25-50% (depending on the broker), CAP Rebate Trading EA works in two directions simultaneously in case the appropriate signals are present. [   Installation Guide | Update Guide Submit Your Problem | FAQ | All Products ]

It use both grid and hedging advanced mathematics strategy, so it will work both ranging and trending market. This EA uses basket profit system for exit with safe martingale settings, and uses a dynamic system for taking profit and controlling risks.  The EA opens many trades, for the additional profit it is recommended to enable rebate.

It is a tool for rebate and not ONLY as except the rebate you can grow also your capital. 

  • Easy to use.
  • Advanced grid system that can be work both ranging and trending market
  • Works for ECN/Non-ECN brokers
  • Implements a martingale features
  • Filter trading by forex sessions
  • Built-in money management
  • Built-in news filter. EA automatic download news data from news website.

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Download Setting File Click Here. (V.1 Updated 07-Mar-2020)

Input Parameters


  • StopEA - If true, EA will not open any new initial trade, but it will keep manage exiting cycle trade.
  • Initial Trade Type - Select initial trade type.
  • Trade Side - Select trade side.


  • Initial Lots Type - Select initial lots type.
  • Fixed Lots - Put your fixed lots.
  • XBalance - Lot will increase based on XBalance amount.  Calculated as (Your Current Balance/XBalance * LotsizePerXBalance = Your current lots size).
  • LotsizePerXBalance - Lot size of XBalance.


  • Grid Lots Type - Select grid lots type.
  • Add Lots - Add lots, it will add lots with previous lots.
  • Multiple - Put Multiple value.
  • Max Lots Size - Set max lots value, 0-mean disable.
  • Initial Grid GAP - Initial grid gap in points.


  • Basket Profit in Currency - Set basket profit. It will recorded all closed trade profit when your current profit + history profit >= Basket Profit, EA will close current cycle. 
  • Basket Loss In Currency - Set basket loss. Same as basket profit work.


  • DailyMaxTrade, WeeklyMaxTrade, MonthlyMaxTrade  - Set max trade, EA will stop when max trade reach. 0-mean disable
  • DailyProfitTerget, WeeklyProfitTerget, MonthlyProfitTerget - Set max profit, EA will stop when max trade profit reach. 0-mean disable



  • EA will not work in Netting Account, Only work Hedge Account
  • EA Work with history data, So when you run this EA make use you select "All History
    • Go to History Tab
    • Click right button and select "All History"

    IMPORTANT: To enable News Stop Trading and AutoGMT, tick the "Allow WebRequest" option and add this two URL:

    1. http://ec.forexprostools.com
    2. http://time.is/UTC

    to the list of URLs for WebRequest. To do this, open Tools > Options > Expert Advisors. Check the option "Allow WebRequests for listed URL:". Add the following: "http://ec.forexprostools.com" and "https://time.is/UTC" and press "OK". The EA takes news from the specified websites.

    All parameters are calculated as points, not pips.


      Mohammad Ali, technical analyst and speculator, software engineer and founder of Capilta Business Solutions.‌

      Bewertungen 3
      Youtthana Thongma
      Youtthana Thongma 2020.03.26 01:50 

      From the test to a great system

      Is a very intelligent development camp

      support and encourage you to develop.

      Even in a promising market, with good profits When setting up correctly

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      YinkaiFeng 2020.04.17 10:37 

      Not working In US broker

      forexx 2020.04.05 15:59 

      its not good in trending market

      Youtthana Thongma
      Youtthana Thongma 2020.03.26 01:50 

      From the test to a great system

      Is a very intelligent development camp

      support and encourage you to develop.

      Even in a promising market, with good profits When setting up correctly

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      Version 1.80 2020.07.29
      ADDED: NEW FEATURE – Improved coding logic
      ADDED: NEW INPUT – My Broker Delete History Data - EA use trade use history to basket profit, but some broker delete history data. If your broker delete history data then you set this input true.