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Arrow Signal EA

Expert Advisor based on a custom indicator Arrow Signal. Search for a signal at each tick. Closing positions is performed by a counter signal. There is no trailing. Stop loss no. Take profit no. It has a minimum of settings:

  • Money management: Lot OR Risk
  • The value for "Money management"
  • Deviation 
  • Print log 
  • Magic number
Money management help:

Position size management (lot calculation)

The lot can be either permanent (Money management set in the Constant lot and set the lot size in The value for "Money management") or dynamic - in percentage of risk per trade (Money management set in Risk in percent for a deal and set the percentage of risk in The value for "Money management"). You can also set a permanent lot equal to the minimum lot - Set Money management to Lots Min.

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Version 1.25 2019.12.23
Custom indicator update to version 1.23
Version 1.24 2019.12.08
Small update
Version 1.23 2019.12.07
Protection against re-opening when restarting the terminal
Version 1.22 2019.12.05
Added output of the value "Order retcode external"
Version 1.21 2019.11.18
Optimization of trade requests
Version 1.2 2019.11.14
Built-in indicator "Arrow Signal" sends push notifications to the mobile terminals