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TradeKeeper Lite MT5

The utility TradeKeeper Lite can show your profits for different periods and bip a sound when you reach a profit target value. Click the tachometer to quickly switch to the next profit period. There are 5 of them: This Day, This Week, This Month, Last 90 Days and All I Made.

With the utility TradeKeeper Pro, available at this link, you can also open trades with a magic number and volume of your choice, trail any orders with a simple trail or iSAR-based trail, as well as close any open trades and pending orders using different techniques.

Click the minus/plus button in the corner to collapse or expand all data.

The profit calculation takes into account swaps and commissions.

Properties of the TradeKeeper Lite:

Color preset - you can choose among 2 for now.

Font - choose a different font if the display of legends is incorrect in the indicator interface.

Corner - choose where to place your data: Left upper chart corner, Left lower chart corner, Right lower chart corner or Right upper chart corner.

Magic - your magic number to keep account of. It is handy if you have several strategies and you want to see the stats for only one of them.

Profit period - how your tachometer calculates profits by default: This Day, This Week, This Month, Last 90 Days or All I Made.

Profit max - it is used for creating your tachometer. It should be positive.

Profit min - it is used for creating your tachometer. It should be negative.

Profit target - you indicate this in your deposit currency. The TradeKeeper Lite calculates the current profit value as a difference of Equity and Balance. When the target you set is reached, the TradeKeeper Lite notifies you with a sound.

Nikolay Gaylis
Nikolay Gaylis 2019.01.14 06:29 

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Version 2.12 2019.02.08
1. I added support of fonts for both Mac and Windows PC.
Version 2.1 2019.01.16
1. I updated color schemes.
2. I updated parameters.