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TetraScalp is an automated trading system using a smart scalping strategy. The basis of the system is fixing the fact of price consolidation in certain price channels with the definition of false punctures and straight-line trend movement.

The complex mathematical algorithm of the adviser allows you to work completely autonomously without additional manipulations. ECN-performance and VPS recommended.

Recommended use: EURUSD 15m, GBPUSD 15m, USDCAD 15m.


  • Comment to order - comments to orders;
  • Risk for Lot - risk percentage for lot calculation;
  • If MaxRisk = 0, lot will be - If Risk for Lot = 0, the lot will be like this;
  • Max lot - Maximum lot;
  • Take profit - Take profit;
  • Stop loss - Stop loss;
  • Profit in points - Profit in points;
  • Take profit % - Percentage profit;
  • Max Trades at the same time - Maximum number of positions in the market;
  • Slippage - Maximum slippage level;
  • Max spread - The maximum spread;

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