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New Version updated(1.5) with a special trend filter!

Set file for EURUSD H1 ---> https://c.mql5.com/31/291/hendrix_ea_eurusd_h1_set_files.zip

Please Read it before start! I made an article on how to easy optimize it for your broker, pair and timeframe!

Instructions here: https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/723159

Is this EA too slow for you? Take a look at the more aggressive and faster version Hendrix Turbo Grid (https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/38097)

WARNING: using Hendrix EA involves risk. You should not use it, if you are not aware of the risks associated with it. Do not risk money you cannot afford to lose!
Test it in demo first!

After so many requests for a solid and easy to use EA I developed Hendrix! People keep asking me something that doesn't over fit and can be optimized easily. Hendrix is a new generation EA that adapts itself to the market and uses some advanced techniques to prevent over fitting. It was developed to be easy to use even for the beginners and to provide a solid element for advanced traders' portfolios. All parameters generating entry signals are dynamic and hidden and are the SAME for every instruments. This prove the quality of the algorithm and that helps traders a lot because they don't have to worry about bogus backtests results and over fitting. The set of parameter to be tweaked are very small and they simply change the risk and time needed. You can adjust the risk for a specific pair optimizing very few parameters.


- Easy to understand and to use

- It is NOT spread sensitive

- Prevent over fitting of entry signals

- Can be adapted to every traders' risk attitude

- Use advanced technique as volatility expansion

- Can use equity stop loss

- Very quick to optimize in backtest

- Great add on to portfolios

I suggest to use it on H1 on 5-6 different pairs at the same time, keeping the lots low. The minimal deposit is 1000$ but 3000$ is a way better. If you don't have this money you can use a Cents account from this recommended broker https://goo.gl/AZYCBZ

I highly suggest you to optimize the settings for every pair for 1-2 years in backtest. You can safely use Control Point Mode because the EA is NOT spread sensitive and have a good tolerance so the Control Point Mode will be enough and you will save a lot of time. You have to optimize the "Risk Profile" section, once you have set "Risk Profile" to manual.Also if you want to trade some pairs in a specific direction(only buy or only sell) you can do that.


General Settings

Show panel(true/false)= show the informative panel

Enable Buy(true/false)= enable buy trades

Enable Sell(true/false)= enable sell trades

Max trades(int)= number of maximum trades at the same time

Magic number(int)= magic number

Comment(string)= comment for the trades

Money Management

Close on equity loss(double)(0-Disabled)= close all trades when the loss of the EA is bigger than specified here

Risk Settings

Lot base(double)= the lot to start with, at the beginning start with 0.01

Lot multi(double) = the multiplier for the next order until the whole sequence reaches the targets

Close In Profit after X hours(int)(0-Disabled) = after X hours the sequence will be closed when in profit even if they didn't reach the target

Close In Profit after X trades(int)(0-Disabled) = same as above but after X trades

Profit Target Currency(double) = profit target for the whole sequence

Increase Profit Target for every order(double)(1-Disabled) = after every order the total target profit is increased to get the advantage of new positions, it is a multiplier

When I coded the internal algorithm of the signal I used the ticks from this broker https://goo.gl/AZYCBZ

If you want to have the very same entry signals as me, I suggest you to open an account there. Also this broker allows Cents account, so you can test the EA investing very little(like 50$)

Red Bull 69
Red Bull 69 2018.12.09 13:42 

This system is the ultimate evolution of the original Hendrix system from 5/3/2017. I trade with this previous version already 18 months very successfully and can only recommend this version to any trader. It is important to really follow the instructions and to use it only on the recommended broker. With little risk, a not so small balance makes the EA quiet and good profits. The EA is very stable. The developer Mr. Petrinic is serious and very communicative, he is always available for questions. Therefore 5 stars for the Hendrix.

outmagic 2018.10.19 00:45 

It works well if you follow the author's guide to optimize it or same broker. Thanks!!

kalmanotkalma 2018.10.18 23:18 

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jmarthon 2018.10.17 18:05 

The system seems very flexible and solid. Can be used in different ways, but need to be optimized first. I put 4 stars only because I want to wait for the official optimizing process and see if it works for me; will expand the review in case.

Version 1.5 2018.12.13
Fixed a bug that could cause the EA to misbehave during holidays
Version 1.4 2018.12.05
- New trend filter that makes it suitable for lower timeframe

- New exit algorithm that maximize the profit

- Some visual improvements
Version 1.2 2018.09.28
New optimization makes the EA faster(less time to backtest it)
Fixed a bug about target currency profit
Added new experimental filter
Version 1.1 2018.09.26
I updated the version with new advanced features and some algorithm optimization. I removed the predefined risk profile since it is very easy to optimize it for your instrument/timeframe and also because some people got confused about it. Now the EA is capable to use Anti Martingale techniques for the whole single sequence; combined with a hard-stop loss is a great way to control the risk.