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MTF Fractals

Multi timeframe fractal indicator which shows the higher timeframe's fractal point on lower timeframes.


  • Fractal_Timeframe: You can set the higher timeframes for fractals.
  • Maxbar: You can set the maximum number of candles for the calculations.
  • Up_Fractal_Color, Up_Fractal_Symbol, Down_Fractal_Color, Down_Fractal_Symbol: Color and style settings of the fractal points.
  • Extend_Line: Draws a horizontal line from the previous fractal point until a candle closes it over or a user-specified forward and backward length.
  • Extend_Line_Until_Left_Candles, Extend_Line_Until_Right_Candles: You can set fixed length of the extend line function.
  • Extend_Line_to_Background: Move horizontal line object to background or not.
  • Show_Validation_Candle: Marks a candle with a point when the higher timeframe's fractal is validated and the fractal point appears.
  • Up_Fractal_Extend_Line_Color, Up_Fractal_Extend_Width, Up_Fractal_Extend_Style, Down_Fractal_Extend_Line_Color, Down_Fractal_Extend_Width, Down_Fractal_Extend_Style: Color and style settings of the extended lines.
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