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Moving Pivot Average

Moving Pivot Average  The indicator uses very flexible algorithm for pivot value calculating. It allows you to allocate in days a certain time intervals (custom bars) and calculate the average pivot value based on High, Low and Close prices of these bars. The duration of custom bars is set by the "Day Minutes" setting - it can take values from one minute to one day (1440 minutes). How many custom bars will be taken into account is determined by the "Days" setting.

The pivot line can be considered an average trend line and use it in a variety of trading strategies.

The best way to use this indicator is in smaller timeframes like 5 minutes (recommended).

If you have any question about the indicator, your comments are welcome.


  • Works for all timeframes.
  • 100% non-repaint indicator.
  • Settings are customizable.
  • I recommend using this product on smaller timeframes: M1, M5, M15.


  • Days - number of days selected.
  • Day minutes (1-1440) - number of day minutes selected M1 to M1440.
    • Show Alert - choose to use or stop alert sound and message (default is true).
    • Send Email - send notification (default is false).
    • Send Notification - option to send a notification to the user (default is false).
    • Bars Limit - number of bars chosen.
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