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MT4 to Tlgrm

MT4toTLGRM EA only sends text messages to a Telegram group or channel of your choice. The messages are customizable to show information about any trading activity in the account. Also it shows a daily PnL report. Several instances of this EA can be used simultaneously in the same MT4 terminal for sending messages to different Telegram group/channel but ensure that each one has a different number in [B14] setting.

Following are the features of MT4toTLGRM EA sending messages to a group/channel in Telegram:

  • Trading activity: open, modify, close of trades and pending orders.
  • Multi-language messages. Currently supported: English, Spanish and Russian. More can be added under request. 
  • This EA does not need active AutoTrading button. Safety first!
  • This EA does not need external DLL or software. Safety first!
  • You can customise the messages to show/hide trade lots, SL/TP, ticket, MagicNumber.
  • You can add custom text to each message. Ideal for own group/channel adds.
  • Shows summary report of daily profitable trades in money, pips or both. Send this report using the on-chart button or automatically by setting fixed hours
  • Shows week or month reports by using on-chart buttons
  • Filter trades by MagicNumber and Symbol
  • From one MT4 terminal you can send messages to several groups/channels. Come to my Telegram group so I can explain you how to achieve this.
  • Send chart captures. Additional indicator named Satellite is required. Download it for free. This is an indicator template you can use for your own indicators or EAs. MQL programming required.

Do not download the demo version of this EA because it does not work in MT4 tester.

For testing this EA please download the free LITE version.

I have tested this EA with forex symbols but it should work fine with any MT4 symbol (e.g. indexes, commodities, stocks, cryptocurrencies)

Installation and Configuration

Run MT4toTLGRM EA from one chart only.

Before running MT4toTLGRM EA you must create your own Telegram bot that will be the sender of the messages created by this EA. For configuring this EA you can watch the below video and follow these steps:

  1. In Telegram, search for "botfather" or send a message to @BotFather
  2. Type /newbot and follow instructions to give a it name and an username
  3. Copy the API token
  4. If you don't have it already, create the channel or group
  5. Open the channel/group Info, then Manage, Add Administrators, type the bot username, and click Save
  6. Send any message to the channel/group like "hello world"
  7. Open the following URL in a browser: https://api.telegram.org/bot<token>/getUpdates (dont forget adding your bot token to the URL)
  8. Search for the string "chat":{"id": to find a large negative number. This is your group or channel ID
  9. Copy the chat ID
  10. Test the bot with this URL in a browser (add the token and chatID first): https://api.telegram.org/bot<token>/sendMessage?chat_id=<ChatID>&text=I%20m%20the%20bot
  11. In MT4, add the following URI for webrequest to "Options > Expert Advisors" https://api.telegram.org
  12. Enter the token and chat ID into the Telegram settings. Then run the EA from a MT4 chart.

Recommended running this EA from a VPS to ensure non-stop execution.

MT4toTLGRM comes pre-configured for sending messages to my test channel https://t.me/mt42tlgram for your testing convenience.

Ivan Othieno
Ivan Othieno 2019.06.07 16:02   

This is the best software that have purchased on the Internet so far.It changed my life. Even if it was

costing $10,000 i would have still purchased it! Any signal provider should have it. Best customer care support. The EA is too under valued for sure. THANK U FERNANDO

Albert Gazizyanov
Albert Gazizyanov 2019.05.22 07:50 

Отличный продукт! Разработчик постоянно на связи в своем телеграмм канале, мгновенная поддержка. Постоянно идет улучшение продукта по пожеланиям клиентов. Спасибо! Рекомендую!

Alessandro Rosati
Alessandro Rosati 2019.03.27 10:07 

Good product. Fernando is very supportive. Bravo!

Javier Gomez
Javier Gomez 2019.02.28 11:05   

Excelente soporte técnico.

La herramienta cumple las expectativas.

Domingo Sanchez
Domingo Sanchez 2018.11.19 23:32   

Hola, alguien me puede ayudar a instalarlo???

Carlos Thomas
Carlos Thomas 2018.11.12 05:28 

Best thing on the market for pushing updates to Telegram. The latest update makes it even better!

SpainArb31 2018.10.03 00:17 

Muy buena herramienta. Desde el primer momento me está funcionando genial para compartir las operaciones de mi cuenta de Metarader en Telegram. Lo recomiendo.

Wziel Paniagua
Wziel Paniagua 2018.08.08 17:30 

Great product and superior support.!

Version 3.99 2019.06.09
** Added the list of open trades to the report of list of closed trades
** Option to show the PnL in pips in the list of open trades
** Added option to export DEBUG information [B16].
** Added option to display information trades closed in the previous period
** Added buttons to show information of closed trades in the previous period
Version 3.98 2019.06.02
** Error correction of -nan(ind) in reports showing total PnL un pips
** Corrected the scan functions to prevent the EA from requesting a chart capture if the function is FALSE.
** Added report showing open operations
** Added German language (thanks to user Leo who helped me correcting the translation)
** Added option to delay sending messages
Version 3.97 2019.05.20
** Minor improvement with the Trade List report
** Minor error fix setting E7
Version 3.96 2019.05.09
* Minor update: Added option of 3rd report
Version 3.95 2019.05.09
* Corrected error calculation of resulting pips for LONG trades
* Added report selector, now you can include different types
* I add second type of report: list of trades
* I add switch not to send messages about NEW trades
Version 3.94 2019.04.11
* Minor error correction
Version 3.93 2019.04.11
* Added: Option to reply previous messages about the same trade
* Added: Option to show PnL as % of account balance for trades and daily report
* Small speed improvements
* Corrected several errors
* Note: This EA works with Satellite v2.5
Version 3.92 2019.03.27
* Minor error corrections
* Use with Satellite v2.4 from http://bit.ly/2XQVFlV
Version 3.91 2019.03.21
* Error corrections
Version 3.81 2019.03.14
* Filter nach Symbol hinzugefügt
* Handelsdauer im geschlossenen Handelsbericht hinzugefügt
* Option hinzugefügt, um Kartenerfassung zusammen mit Handelsinformationen zu senden. Dies erfordert die Satellitenanzeige (kostenloser Download).
* Kleinere Fehler behoben
Version 3.71 2018.12.14
- Minor error correction
Version 3.7 2018.12.14
- Hinzufügen: Funktion zum Senden von Nachrichten von der Satellitenanzeige an das Telegramm
- Hinzufügen: Funktion zum Senden von Kartenerfassungen an das Telegramm von der Satellitenanzeige. Herunterladen von: http://bit.ly/2Cdm4lb
- Korrigiert: Die Deaktivierung von TP / SL gilt auch für die modifizierte Handelsnachricht
- Korrigiert: Ausstehende Aufträge unterscheiden sich bei KAUFEN, VERKAUFEN und Marktgeschäften
- Korrigiert: Beim Löschen einer ausstehenden Bestellung wird jetzt der Richtpreis angezeigt, nicht der aktuelle Marktpreis
Version 3.5 2018.11.02
- Ich füge eine Option hinzu, um Schaltflächen in der Grafik anzuzeigen, um den EA manuell zu steuern
- Ich füge eine Option hinzu, um PnL-Berichte der aktuellen Woche und des aktuellen Monats anzuzeigen
- Ich füge die Variable eaID hinzu, so dass mehrere Instanzen des EA in demselben MT4 vorhanden sein können
- Ich füge der Konfiguration Nummern hinzu und stelle die Konfigurationsparameter neu ein
- Ich füge dem Tag eine Tabelle der Ergebnisse der geschlossenen Trades hinzu
- Ich füge eine Option hinzu, um ReportPnL zu einem bestimmten Zeitpunkt anzuzeigen
- Zeigt jetzt Informationen zu ausstehenden Bestellungen an, wenn sie auf den Markt kommen oder gelöscht werden
- Ein / Aus-Schalter für die Steuerung von der Karte hinzugefügt
- Zeigt jetzt den freien Rand und den Margin-Level in NEW- und CLOSED-Nachrichten an
- Kleinere Fehler behoben
Version 3.2 2018.08.14
- Mehrsprachige Unterstützung hinzugefügt
- Weitere Details zum Tagesbericht hinzugefügt
- kleinere Fehlerkorrekturen
Version 2.0 2018.07.03
Version 2:
- EA meldet nun modifizierte Trades
- Fehlerkorrekturen