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Doji Engulfing Paths


Doji Engulfing Paths enables to get signals and data about the doji and the engulfing patterns on charts. It makes it possible to get opportunities from trends, and to follow the directional moves to get some profits on the forex and stocks markets.

It is a good advantage to take all the appearing opportunities with reversal signals and direct signals in order to obtain some profits on the forex market.

System features

With fast execution, it allows to register directly the information about the new doji patterns on a chart and starts with the last candle available before the current candle or bar on the chart.

The utility shows a sign on the chart in order to indicate where the doji is located on this chart.

It enables to get the same functions with the engulfing patterns: it could precisely indicate with a graphical object and sign on the chart the positions of new engulfing patterns.


First, select the maximal number of previous candles and bars to display on the charts.

The maximum is 1000 bar shifts, previously to the current bar. The result will be the display of the exact locations of dojis and engulfing patterns on the technical charts.

Special addition

The Doji Engulfing Paths is a utility that could run independently to other available and additional EAs and indicators on the selected list of charts.

It enables to follow the direction of the trend and select entry levels for reversals of instruments available and the correct period of time with timeframes. When a doji appears on an uptrend for example, it is the right period of time to go for a reversal and open a short position on the instrument.

According to the directions, when an engulfing pattern occurs on an uptrend and with the same direction, it is possible to continue the directional move and to go to open a long position on this trend move.

That is supposed to enable profits on the forex market.


  • num_Of_Shifts: number of bars to display
  • color_Doji_PL: color of the signal for uptrends and downtrends with dojis
    • clr_Green_H
    • clr_Aqua_H
    • clr_Orange_H
    • clr_Beige_H
    • clr_Violet_H
  • color_Engulfing_Up: color of the signals for uptrends with engulfings
    • clr_Green_H
    • clr_Aqua_H
    • clr_Orange_H
    • clr_Beige_H
    • clr_Violet_H
  • color_Engulfing_Down: color of the signals for downtrends with engulfings
    • clr_Red_LH
    • clr_Yellow_LH
    • clr_LightViolet_LH
    • clr_Magenta_LH
    • clr_LightYellow_LH
  • Signals: list of signals to display, only dojis, only engulfing, or both of the systems
    • mode_Doji_H: only dojis
    • mode_Engulfing_Up: only engulfing on up directions
    • mode_Engulfing_Down: only engulfing on down directions
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