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MASi Three Screens

MASi Three Screens is based on the trading strategy by Dr. Alexander Elder. This indicator is a collection of algorithms. Algorithms are based on the analysis of charts of several timeframes. You can apply any of the provided algorithms.

List of versions of algorithms:

  •     ThreeScreens v1.0 - A simple implementation, with analysis of the MACD line;
  •     ThreeScreens v1.1 - A simple implementation, with analysis of the MACD histogram;
  •     ThreeScreens v1.2 - Combines the first two algorithms in one version;
  •     ThreeScreens v1.2.1 - Filtering is introduced into the algorithm;
  •     ThreeScreens v1.2.2 - The filtering algorithm is introduced, the weights of the coefficients are changed;
  •     ThreeScreens v1.3 - An attempt to leave the chart analysis of other timeframes to avoid loading unnecessary data;
  •     ThreeScreens v2.0 - A new approach to analysis; new algorithm; multi-period analysis on the data of a single chart.

At this point we can single out a series of algorithms version 1.2 and the algorithm version 2.0, as giving the most reliable signals.

Indicator parameters:

  •     Choose Indicator for work - Selection of the version of the algorithm;
  •     EMA Fast - The period of fast EMA for calculation;
  •     EMA Slow - The period of slow EMA for calculation;
  •     MACD Fast - Fast EMA period for calculating MACD;
  •     MACD Slow - The period of a slow EMA for MACD calculation;
  •     MACD Signal - The period of the signal EMA for calculating the MACD;
  •     Neutral signal - Enables / disables the display of the neutral signal.


  •     For versions 1.0 - 1.2.2 it is desirable to periodically open the schedule of the senior timeframe, to load the necessary data.
  •     The algorithm will be developed and updated as soon as stable versions are available.

Envex 2020.03.28 17:09 

Excelente indicador