Enrique Enguix
Enrique Enguix
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In der Welt des algorithmischen Tradings stehen viele Expert Advisors (EAs) vor großen Herausforderungen.

Warum? Weil sie oft auf Strategien angewiesen sind, die nur kurzfristig funktionieren oder in der Überoptimierung verloren gehen. Mein Ansatz durchbricht dieses Muster.

Ich setze auf eine adaptive Strategie, die stets bereit ist, sich an die ständigen Veränderungen des Marktes anzupassen.

Ich glaube an intelligente Diversifikation und ein rigoroses Risikomanagement, das Ihre Investition jederzeit schützt.

Ich bin überzeugt, dass der Schlüssel zum Erfolg im algorithmischen Trading darin besteht, einen dynamischen und flexiblen Ansatz beizubehalten, der in der Lage ist, Markthindernisse zu überwinden.

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Enrique Enguix
Enrique Enguix
John spent 2 years trading, wasting money, time, and effort, only to experience losses and pain.

In March, he trusted Trendex. We guided and educated him in ethical and real trading. Now, he is a new man.

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Enrique Enguix
Enrique Enguix
Have you also felt like you were being cheated when buying an EA?

⚠️Even if a (bad) developer does not have that intention, it is common and has an explanation.

Most expert advisors are built on temporary statistical advantages that eventually get exhausted.

The problem of over-optimization

Many developers fall into the trap of tuning their EAs to achieve perfect results in the past, without understanding that this perfection will not work in the future market.

Furthermore, everything is built to make it difficult for retailers to make money: spreads, swaps, commissions, delays, etc.

You'll be surprised to know that those few who make money from trading even pay more than 50% of their profits in one way or another.

The importance of diversification

And with how difficult it is to profit, most traders do not know how to diversify correctly, either because they do not understand the concept or do not have the necessary tools to do so.

If you use the same EA on EUR/USD and GBP/USD (which are strongly correlated), when EUR/USD trades lose, so will GBP/USD trades.

And what about EAs that compensate losing trades with winning trades?

Developers strive to create an EA that never fails in tests. But the market is never the same, so if the EA fails, this technique will wipe out months of profits in one trade.

Therefore. We need an EA that:

✅Does not exploit a temporary statistical advantage but can read the market and adapt.

✅It does not predict the market but follows it wherever it goes.

✅It does not work in correlated markets, so that when trades are lost in one market, they are not lost in the rest.

✅Allows for failure and assumes losses from time to time.

✅It is not optimized to have a perfect curve in backtests. Because a perfect curve only tells us that the EA has been over-optimized.

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