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Professional OB/OS Oscillator

Is the digital momentum indicator, based on our ob/os formula and algorithm of digital output signal.

It shows you when price goes on OverBought/OverSold position and also OverBought/OverSold of Trend.

In the middle is an adjustable "Stop_level". Above and below this area you should not trade.

Precise; above Stop_level - stop going long, below Stop_level - stop going short.

Min/Max indicator values are +-100%, but the scale is +-110% just for “easy look”.

This indicator is very useful in the search for expanded OB/OS criteria and also achieved good results in “Strong Price Movements” trading strategies.

You can run many instances, for all time frames at once, is fast and has, like all our indicators, a built-in "slider history testing" technology and "Error control".

Program is design to operate in 2 automatic modes:

1. Slider mode

Turns on when attaching the indicator to the Chart or Visual Tester.

Here you can test/set your settings back in history with “slider” up to 32767 bars.

So, while Visual Testing EA, you can attach the indicator and easily adjust input parameters for critical points.
On Tester (only) you can exit "Slider mode" by pressing the <Esc> key.

You can easily switch between time frames on the selected position and compare the results.

2. Expert mode

Turns on when starting the indicator with "iCustom" function.

It is designed only for EA use and “slider history testing” is disabled.

It is tested and works very well in our EA "PointerX".

Please watch “testing” in HD … https://youtu.be/pBQFQ62zjis

We recommend to run 1-2 instances of indicator on different timeframes simultaneously for better results (M15, H1) and optimization criteria every two months.

Pulser input parameters settings

The order from left to right is: name, [default value], min-max value.

If you accidentally enter a lower or higher value, the min-max value is used.

  • Digital_filter% [NONE] – digital filter in %
  • Step [14] 1-250 – indicator step in bars
  • Stop_level% [60] 0-90 – adjustable stop level in %
  • LastBar [0] 0-6000 – last bar for drawing (left-right descending order, 0 is the last ("Expert mode" use)
  • PastBars [200] 100-6000 – bars drawing to the past (to the left)

For programmers

You can include in EA-s:

enum d_filter
   NONE     =0,   /*NONE*/
   DF_10    =10,  /*10%*/
   DF_20    =20,  /*20%*/
   DF_30    =30,  /*30%*/
   DF_40    =40,  /*40%*/
   DF_50    =50,  /*50%*/
   DF_60    =60,  /*60%*/
   DF_70    =70,  /*70%*/
   DF_80    =80,  /*80%*/
   DF_90    =90,  /*90%*/
   DF_100   =100, /*100%*/

The known command to retrieve current value is for MQL4:

double puCurr=iCustom(NULL,TF_,"Pulser",DFilter _,pu_step_,pu_level_,0,PB_,0,0);


NULL = current symbol

TF_ = enum_timeframes

"Pulser" = path/name of the custom indicator compiled program

DFilter _ = digital_filter (enum d_filter)

pu_step_ = step period in bars (int)

pu_level _ = stop_level (int)

0 = last bar (int)

PB_ = past bars (int)

0 = line index

0 = shift

Additional information

The demo version is built to demonstrate the main features and usability of Pulser.

If you like to use Pulser unlimited or within an EA you have to buy or rent this product.

Are you satisfied with our work? Share your experiences and leave a comment.

If you need help using our trading tools or you have an issue or question, please contact me.

Best regards!


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Version 2.6 2017.04.06
1. Improvements in Tooltips/Names details
2. Now you can use the "Slider" in "Visual Tester" Mode
- while testing EA, you can run the indicator and easily adjust input parameters for critical points
- <Esc> key to exit "Slider" mode