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SuperTrend Alerts

SuperTrend Alerts adds alerts to the widely popular SuperTrend indicator. As the name suggests, SuperTrend is a trending indicator which works best in trendy (not choppy) markets. SuperTrend is extremely popular for intraday and daily trading, and can be used on any timeframe. Place a call when the price closes above the SuperTrend line, and place a put when the price closes below the SuperTrend line. These crossovers are highlighted by non-repainting up/down arrows.


Email, message and sound alerts can be turned on/off for the following events. Please note that email recipient and SMTP information should be specified in MT4/options before using email alerts.

  • Price closed above SuperTrend line (call)
  • Price closed below SuperTrend line (put)


  • # Bars used for calculation (Default=10): number of bars used to calculate SuperTrend
  • Multiplier (Default=4.0): multiplication factor for calculating average true range in SuperTrend. Higher value = less signals, lower value = more signals but higher chance of false positive
  • Alert when price crosses SuperTrend: True = alerts are allowed, false = all alerts are paused
  • Turn on alerts message: message box alerts
  • Turn on alerts sound: sound alerts
  • Turn on alerts email: email alerts

SuperTrend Alerts is most effective during trendy (not choppy) market conditions, and so it pairs well with our Choppiness Index indicator.

Bamish 2019.07.25 17:20   

Kindly Help, step by step... how to activate this indicator, the activation manual says different from what I am seeing on my computer. I will be glad if you help please. Thank you.

Michael Spelts
Michael Spelts 2018.07.15 22:57 

Great work, only thing I would add would be push notifications, but that can be worked around.

hrhaefliger Haefliger
hrhaefliger Haefliger 2018.04.03 13:35 

It needs a lot of CPU Power. For real account an local Computer not working.

In virtual server nor working.

Peter 2017.12.04 12:46 

I have various trend indicators and SuperTrend + Alerts is among the best. I receive alerts by message and email, so I do not have to keep my eyes on the screen all the time. Signal quality is great!

Andres Sigala
Andres Sigala 2017.11.27 09:03 

Doesn't work is a waste of money

Version 1.2 2017.03.22
- Replaced "alerts are ON" warning popup with printed message in Experts tab
- Updated indicator icon
Version 1.1 2016.11.11
V1.1 fixes "Up Signal" and "Down Signal" labels, which were incorrectly assigned