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Parabolic And CCI

The EA detects strong movements using the Parabolic indicator and opens a trade. The Commodity Channel Index (CCI) is used as an auxiliary indicator. The CCI levels may depend on the ADX indicator values, which allows for better trading with different volatility. Also, the trades are opened depending on the RSI indicator values on a certain timeframe.

Recommended timeframes: M5, M15, M30. Make sure to optimize the parameters of the EA for your account before trading.

Input Parameters

  • Lots - lot size (if Lots=0, then the lot will be calculated based on the percentage of account free margin);
  • Percentage of free money - the percentage of free margin to open each new trade, recommended values are from 1 to 10;
  • MaxSpread - the maximum spread for opening trades (on the accounts with floating spread, for the trade to open when the spread is not too large);
  • Magic - unique Identifier (it must be different for each instance of the EA in the terminal);
  • StopLoss - the Stop Loss order value;
  • TakeProfit - order closing price at a certain profit target;
  • DynamicSL - use dynamic stop loss (true - enabled, false - disabled);
  • ParabolicStep - step of the Parabolic SAR indicator;
  • PeriodCCI - Commodity Channel Index indicator period;
  • LevelsCCI - the levels of the Commodity Channel Index indicator;
  • PeriodMA - Moving Average indicator period;
  • TimeframeRSI - timeframe of the Relative Strength Index indicator;
  • PeriodRSI - period of the Relative Strength Index indicator;
  • StepPeriodRSI - period change step of the Relative Strength Index indicator;
  • LevelRSI - level of the Relative Strength Index indicator;
  • TradeCurrentBar - enable trading on the current (not yet closed) bar;
  • TimeframeADX - ADX indicator timeframe (in minutes: 15 = M15, 60 = H1);
  • PeriodADX - ADX period;
  • LevelADX - ADX indicator level, above which trades are opened;
  • CCIAndADX - correlation between the CCI levels and the ADX indicator;
  • Trading start hour - trading start hour;
  • Trading end hour - trading end hour;
  • Delay - delay between opening trades;
  • ShowInfo - show information (slows testing if enabled).
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