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Quadro Multi Grid Scalper

We never know what market price will go on next second. That's why a trader needs to find a good way to have a good exit strategy.

Quadro Multi Grid Scalper is a High Frequency Grid scalper using RSI and Price action, with three grid groups of order working individually.

This EA can work together with my other EA "Sure Fire Hedging Strategy". 

This EA uses Averaging exit system with safe martingale settings, and uses hidden TP/SL to avoid price slippage.

Has delay order protection for delaying an order automatically during any volatile market to avoid to many grid orders.

This EA's default daily target is 1% from its first initial balance. That mean this EA will try to make a consistent daily target for about 1% daily (20% a month).

Recommended Broker Parameters:

  •  Low spread less than 1 pip (you will have fast open and fast closing for your order with such a low spread broker).
  •  Low Stop Level.
  •  Lot Step is 0.01.
M1 or M5 time frame is recommended for use with this EA.

Good money management is needed for this EA, as long as your first initial balance can handle higher lot. It is safe for your Equity.

Parameters of the EA:

  • in_1 - money management settings.
  • First_Balance - type your first initial balance here before launching the EA.
  • MM - auto lot size for the first order.
  • Risk - risk parameter of the EA for auto lot size for the first order.
  • in_2 - daily Target in Percent.
  • Target - use daily target or not.
  • Daily_Target - default is 1% daily target.
  • in_3 - indicator option.
  • RSI - use RSI or not for the first order.
  • Candle_Breakout - use Price Action or not for the first order.
  • in_4 - RSI Parameters.
  • PeriodRSI - RSI period.
  • in_5 - сandlestick breakout parameters.
  • PeriodCandleBreakout - price action period.
  • in_7 - grid A parameters.
  • Disable_Grid_A - set to true to disable Grid A to make the first order.
  • MaxTrades_Grid_A - max open orders for Grid A.
  • PipStep_A - default Grid distance is 50 points (5 pips).
  • First_Lots_A - the first order lot size if MM is False.
  • LotExponent_A - adjustable Lot Multiplier
  • First_TakeProfit_A - default First order TP is 25 points (2,5 pips).
  • MagicNumber_A - magic number of All Grid A open orders.
  • in_8 - grid B parameters.
  • Disable_Grid_B - set to true to disable Grid B to make the first order.
  • MaxTrades_Grid_B - max open orders for Grid B.
  • PipStep_B - default Grid distance is 50 points (5 pips).
  • First_Lots_B - the first order lot size if MM is False.
  • LotExponent_B - adjustable lot multiplier.
  • First_TakeProfit_B - default First order TP is 25 points (2,5 pips).
  • MagicNumber_B - magic number of All Grid B open orders.
  • in_9 - grid C parameters.
  • Disable_Grid_C - set to true to disable Grid C to make the first order.
  • MaxTrades_Grid_C - max open orders for Grid C.
  • PipStep_C - default Grid distance is 50 points (5 pips).
  • First_Lots_C - the first order lot size if MM is False.
  • LotExponent_C - adjustable Lot Multiplier
  • First_TakeProfit_C - default First order TP is 25 points (2,5 pips).
  • MagicNumber_C - magic number of All Grid C open orders.
  • in_10 - grid D parameters.
  • Disable_Grid_D - set to true to disable Grid D to make the first order.
  • MaxTrades_Grid_D - max open orders for Grid D.
  • PipStep_D - default Grid distance 50 points (5 pips).
  • First_Lots_D - first order lot size if MM is False.
  • LotExponent_D - adjustable Lot Multiplier.
  • First_TakeProfit_D - default First order TP is 25 points (2,5 pips).
  • MagicNumber_D - magic number of All Grid D open orders.
  • in_1234 - delay protection.
  • Delay_Mode - use Delay Order mode, true or false (Leave it default).
  • Delay_Individual - delay for individual grid, true or false (Leave it default)
  • Delay_ALL - delay all order grids (Leave it default)
  • in_20 - manual force closing, emergency exit.
  • Note_in_20a - FC_1 < Equity = Closing All & EA Refresh.
  • FC_1 = 1000000.
  • Note_in_20b - FC_2 < Equity = Closing All & EA Terminated.
  • FC_2 = 1000000.
fxrobi 2016.01.14 11:51 

Very good EA. You need to find out correct settings for your personal style and risktolerance.

I like it very much.

cyberryder 2015.12.29 12:42 

Tested Version 76:

Basically it's a Grid Scalper with an optional Martingale element like there are 100th on the market, which all blow one after another. Means, that like all the other Gridscalpers, you are betting on little constant gains VS. full and GUARANTEED account blow one day. This is true for grid only, and with martingale set to ON you blow quicker of course.


- Vendor is improving the EA + is very responsive + helpful + build a PDF manual on how to set-up the EA

- Build in mechanism to delay trading during spikes (news) works great and prevents building up huge baskets

- Cutt-off DD feature works great, saves your account from blowing

- EA has a build-in hedging mechanism for the grid so that DD is reduced and trades both directions independently


- EA has huge issues with big weekend GAPs, if a larger grid was still open at friday close, account can blow can happen immediately at Monday open, or you have such a big DD, the EA is no more capable to close the grid. No safety feature included to prevent this. Closing all positions manually at friday close is not a good solution, as with a huge basket you'll loose more than you earned over the week. What could help, is an auto-hedging feature of the whole open basket at market close, but you still will have to close the grid.

- Entry signal indicator: RSI causes ~half the DD of price action signal. You need to set RSI=ON and PriceAction=FALSE.

- MM Risk (with martingale 2x): 5% blows after some hours. 3% blows after some few days. 1% survives at least a month. 0.5% blows after 2 months

- DD cut-off: Works as it should, but the gains are so tiny, you need ~400 trades without additional cut-off to make up for a 20% cut-off, only to be back at zero, so it's worthless.

- TF: M1 makes nearly double the amount of trades, but DD is a lot higher and blows quicker. M5 is much safer, i did all testing on M5, EURUSD.

- Grid: EA has 3 grid modules. Each is allowed to open max 30 orders. This is the limitation of the EA. Means, if any situation arises where the EA would need more than 30 orders to close the grid, this is a blow risk. Those 30 orders consists of the initial direction as well as hedge orders. Best is to use a broker, which does charge you margin for hedged-orders (you have 2 hedged positions open, margin is 0, you only carry a fixed floating DD). You can up the order amount, but this is also increasing the risk - there is no guarantee that with more orders the EA will be able to close a specific risk. There will always be a grid, some day, where you have too few orders.

- Martingale: The limitations of the grid... this is where martingale steps in. My testing showed, you need martingale feature ON, to not ran into trouble with open order limitation and big DD. Martingale however is extremely risky by itself. A multiplier &gt;2 can not be traded safely. But otherwise it seems you need 2 to close the grids quickly. Safest is 1.1, but this leads to huuuge and looong DD periods. I tested 1.1, 2, 5, 10. Issue with 1.1 multiplier is that you need minimum 0.05 start lot, so that multiplier works correctly and the next lot is 0.06. Means you need a 10k account at 0.5% risk or you take a cent account.

Conclusion: Best feature of this EA is the delay mechanism. Even on a standard 10k account with 0.5% risk an 1.1 martingale multiplier you'll have 50% DD and more and account blow VS. tiny gains. Without additional safety features it's not worth to run this EA. With all combinations i tried, I did not manage to run the EA without blow longer than 2 months. Even with regular withdraws, you'll withdraw some 100 EUR vs. account blow of 10k. My test ends here. Without major additional safety features, this EA is pure gambling, so i can't give more than 1 star.

Lukas Melka
Lukas Melka 2015.08.05 15:24 

Clever scalping EA.

wroger 2015.06.08 17:51 

Yes, new Vers. is very clever, i test the EA on the Backtest with many Different and Bad Startpoints like High Volatility etc. EA react very clever! Use them on Live Account!

Andrew Lee
Andrew Lee 2015.05.12 09:02 

Excellent scalper with clever grid/martingale options. Extremely good after sales support from vendor too - very helpful and responsive. There's a lot of options to play around so you can customise this many ways to suit your trading style. Personally I trade for a few hours during the less volatile times, grab a 1 or 2% gain on my account, and the EA stops trading for the day.

Version 76.0 2015.12.22
1. All parameters of the version 75.0 have been left intact.
2. Added New parameter "Auto Cut Lost", default is 10 in percent, that mean if your current balance is lost 10%, EA will closing all opened order automatically and system will refresh make new first order again.
3. Bugs fixes for new MT4 build 940.
Version 75.0 2015.08.20
Just Default parameter has been changed
Version 72.0 2015.07.06
All parameters of the old version have been left intact.

Rev. 72. Added the new parameters:
1. Time Filter Parameter - trade at specific time only.
2. Day Filter - trade at a selected day only.
Version 6.0 2014.12.23
- Added Parameter to use Hidden TP or not (New feature)
- Added Stop Loss parameter for all grid orders (New feature)