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On Balance Volume Trendline

The indicator automatically sets trendlines on the really important points directly on the chart.

Timeframe, color and style of the lines can be adjusted.

Notification of a breakout above or below the line via a smartphone is possible.

Input Parameters

  • TimeFrame: Choose timeframe
  • AppliedPrice: Choose close , open, high, low, median, typical or weighted price
  • Formation: Choose swing, Shoulder head shoulder or long term formation
  • Alerts: true = alert is on
  • SendEmail: Send message to email address
  • SendNotifications: Send message to smartphone or tablet
  • AlertAtClose: Alert when close cut from last value line
  • LineColorHigh: Color for top line
  • LineColorLow: Color for bottom line
  • LineStyle: Line styles (solid, dash, dot, dash dot, dash dot dot)
Cleber robson DA SILVA
Cleber robson DA SILVA 2020.04.01 22:12   

good afternoon! I'm not able to install the indicator, this is failing to install for the platform

Carl Gustav Ekstroem
Carl Gustav Ekstroem 2018.01.02 13:30 

Der Benutzer hat keinen Kommentar hinterlassen

rainwalker123 2017.12.31 04:49 

Super Indikator

Aravind 2017.03.08 04:57 

Very good indicator.

omega6 2016.07.04 21:04 

Excellent indi !! Not only the importance of OBV (showing what smart money is doing), Trendlines with alert in a subwindow, MTF function for higher AND lower timeframes. Traders love to see in H1 when M5 triggers. Well done !

Version 1.2 2016.01.25
Fixed bug - Standard color for OBV values from black to LightSeaGreen