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Genesis Robor MT5

Genesis Robot.

The robot analyzes atypical conditions in the market using optimization algorithms and indicators.

The robot doesn´t use Martingala.


The robot only has one configurable parameter. Thus, It is a very easy robot to use

  •     size_lot: This is the lot size of the open positions.

Recommendations for use.

Recomendations for use.

  • The robot is optimized for the Forex market. It is not recommended to use in other markets.
  • The robot opens few positions per week. It is recommended to use it with several currencies in order to obtain more profits
  • It is recommended to use it with a VPN in order to get all the signals.

Recommended currencies for robot use:

EUR/DKK       GBP/AUD        AUD/CAD        USD/JPY        CHF/JPY        CAD/JPY        SEK/JPY        AUD/SGD        EUR/GBP        EUR/JPY        AUD/USD        AUD/NZD EUR/AUD        GBP/JPY        EUR/SEK        GBP/USD        GBP/NOK        NZD/JPY        USD/HUF       NZD/CAD       USD/PLN       EUR/NOK        USD/CZK         AUD/JPY


I will be happy to help you with any questions you have.

Take into consideration

Over Time, indicators and robots will receive updates and improvements. Constantly visit my products please,


PhD in engineering (focused on mathematics) with studies in Europe. Currently I am dedicated to programming robots and stock market indicators and performing stock market analysis

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