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Profit Trend

User manual for Profit Trend V-EA software

1. Installation and commissioning

1.1. The Profit Trend V-EA.ex4 file should be installed in the MQL4 \ Experts directory, which can be found by selecting the "Open Data Folder" option in the "File" menu of the Meta Trader 4 platform.

1.2. The software uses the following indicators:
1.3. To run the software, drag it to the graph of the selected instrument from the "Navigator" menu of the Meta Trader 4 platform.
1.4. The chart on which the software has been launched informs the algorithm about the instrument and the interval at which the analysis should be performed.

  • - Ichimoku
  • - Custom Moving Averages
  • - Stochastic Oscillator

2. General settings.
   2.1. Unique app Id (+200)

3. Position settings. 3.1. Direction
    3.2. Start time & Stop time
    3.3. Position - Volume

3.4. Position - SL - Points - This parameter allows you to specify the distance of the stop loss level in points. A value of zero deactivates the function.
   3.5. Position - TP 1 - Points
   3.6. Position - Scale up
   3.6.2. Position - Scale up - Points
   3.6.3. Position - Scale up - Positions max.

3.7. Position - Opposite close
   3.7.2. Position - Opposite close
   3.7.3. Position - Opposite close - Loss duration
   3.7.4. Position - Opposite close - Trailing stop Position - Opposite close - Trailing stop - Step - Points

3.8. Trailing Stop
   3.8.2. Trailing stop - Start - Points
   3.8.3. Trailing stop - Stop - Points
   3.8.4. Trailing stop - Step - Points

3.9. Money manager - Enabled
   3.9.2. Money manager - Distribution of profit
   3.9.3. Money manager - Volume additional
   3.9.4. Money manager - Volume additional - Profit
   3.9.5. Money manager - Show information

3.10. Grid - Enabled Fibo Start sum
   3.10.2. Grid - Maximum - Buy orders & Grid - Maximum - Sell orders
   3.10.3. Grid - Step - Type Static

When the "Expert balance" level (or "Expert balance" level minus a loss from currently open positions) drops to a value less than or equal to zero, all orders will be closed and the algorithm will be suspended.
For the "Money manager" function to work properly, the entire account history should be visible in the terminal. Dynamic - Add points Dynamic - Multiply
   3.10.4. Grid - Step - Points
   3.10.5. Grid - Step - Closed bars
   3.10.6. Grid - Use signal "Averages" option "Stochastic" option
   3.10.7. Grid - Oposite close
   3.10.8. Grid - Take profit - Independent

When the Grid function is enabled, TP and SL levels are calculated based on the breakveness level of the entire order basket.

4. Segment Indicators allows you to configure the input data of Ichimoku, Custom Moving Averages and Stochastic Oscillator indicators.
4.1. The interval for indicators is determined based on the chart interval at which the software was launched.

5. The software draws an information panel on the graph and colored lines corresponding to the levels of brekeven, stop loss and take profit. Font and line colors can be configured in the Display segment.
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