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Display N Bars

The Display N Bars utility is a simple tool designed to help identify candles.

If a trader tries to share knowledge with a colleague but it is difficult to pinpoint exactly the desired candle, just say the corresponding candle number.

The candle count is reset every day.

Seeking to offer a good customization the inputs are:

Display type -> Display only odd, only odd, or both candles?

Direction -> Horizontal or Vertical?

Display multiples of: (display frequency) -> Display all numbers, multiples of 3 or multiples of 5?

Even Color -> Color of Even Objects

Odd Color -> Odd Object Color

Offset -> Candle high / low offset

FontSize -> Font Size

Success and good trades!

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Версия 8.0 2020.06.12
Required update regarding the new MT5 build.

Option to display (or not) the clock.
Версия 7.0 2020.05.13
Possibility to change colors to black and white automatically, leaving the graphic in the All Brooks style.
Версия 6.0 2020.05.08
New performance improvements.
Repositioning of the candle counter in formation (for use in real time).
Option to hide the counter display.
Версия 5.0 2020.05.08
Timer Fix
Версия 4.0 2020.05.08
Add Timer.
Версия 3.0 2020.05.07
Change default values
Версия 2.0 2020.05.07
Performance improvements to not slow the graph.
Allow choosing the number of days in the history.
Allows you to display the counter only at the bottom.
Alteration of the developer's Logo.