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Haskayafx Slave Signals

This indicator prepared by using 57 days moving averagr and least square method. It can only work for 1 hr time interval. Once a signal created. It is creating order and 2 limit orders.

It works in CFD pairs as well as in Forex pairs.

You can fins our other products from link : https://www.mql5.com/en/users/drbastem/seller

Also, you can ask all your questins from email : haskayafx@gmail.com or mobile : +90 530 867 5076 or @MehmetBastem on telegram application

This system is for Long term and profitable.
Signals are shown as arrows. as an optional,

you can set a voice alarm or email notification
Below you can find indicator inputs.

   extern int MAControl_Period=57;
   ArrowGap=35; // Close+-Arrow Gap Pip
   SecondOrderEntryLevelPips=571;// Second Limit Order Entry Level Pips
   HareketliOrtalamaGiris1=19; // 1. Moving Average
   HareketliOrtalamaGiris2=71;// 2. Moving Average
   HareketliOrtalamaStopGirisDegeri=171;// TP Moving Average
   BBandGiris=632;// Bolinger Bands Period
   BBandSapma=2; //  Bolinger Band Dev. 
   double    HareketliOrtalamaAlimGirisSeviyesi=0.0015;      // Correct Signal Entry Level 
   bool      CepUyariGonder=false;      // Notification 
   bool      SendAnEmail=false; // Send E-Mail
   bool      SesliAlarm=true;           // Sound Alert
  bool      AktifGrafikGoster=true;    // Change Chart when Signal Alert 
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