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Quantum Currency Matrix Indicator

Borodin161 2015.03.27 22:21 

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Версия 4.0 2018.08.16
- Switched the colors of the AUD and JPY buttons to match that of Quantum Currency Strength Indicator's
- Button colors can be changed through the Inputs tab.
- The color of each currency pair transitions from green (positive), to yellow (neutral), to red (negative) depending on its performance score
- New input: Bookmarked Currency Pairs - This is a new feature we added to the Currency Matrix which helps you keep track of currency pairs you’re interested in wherever they are in the list.
- New input: Button Size - You can change the size of the toggle buttons and the table by changing this setting. This is especially useful for screens with very low or very high resolutions. Its default value is 1 but you can enter negative values to decrease their size further.
- New input: Font Size - You can change the size of the text by changing this setting.
- New input: Use Classic Colors - Instead of using a Green-Red gradient, the indicator switches to a dual color scheme when this setting is true. When using classic colors, all currency pairs with a performance score above 0 are blue and those below it are red.