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Weis Wave Box MT5

This indicator complements the Weis Wave and Weis Wave Result indicators. Through boxes he highlights the price movements that occur in each wave, further enhancing the trader's understanding of the price imbalances that occur in the markets. With it (associated to the mentioned indicators) is very easy to perceive the regions where the supply-demand relationship is unbalanced and to identify the true limits of support and resistance, thus allowing the selection of the best positions to obtain consistent profits.


  • 3 types of boxes: bullish, bass and indecision. The box of indecision arises when prices move in the opposite direction of the current box.
  • Allows you to set the required score for the box change.
  • Lets you set both the box border types and colors or background color.
  • Label that shows the box reversal points.
  • Lets you set the size, color, corner position, and vertical label margin.

Input Parameters Tab

  • Reversal Points. Limit in points in the opposite direction to change boxes.
  • Bulls Box Color - Color of the bullish box.
  • Bear Box Color - Color of the bearish box.
  • Reversal Box Color - Indecision box color.
  • Box Background Fill (Two Clicks to Change) - Background color of the boxes (Click 2 times to change).
  • Box Line Style - Style of the border line of the boxes.
  • Box Line Width - Thickness of the border line of the boxes.
  • Corner - Label corner position that shows the selected rollback points.
  • Font Color - Label text color.
  • Font Size - Label font size
  • Vertical Margin - Label vertical margin

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Версия 1.1 2019.05.26
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