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As for the cycle discussion, I invite you to read the TimingCycleWithLLV indicator presentation ...please ask me if something is not clear.

I think that time is much more important than price;this is the reason for wich I trade only when one cycle finishes and the new one start.

WHAT is Timing Window? It is a certain number of bars within which inversion is probable

I do not know how much inversion will be....how many pips,BUT market will inverts with high probability.Time for inversion is ok.

SO,if market is going down ,between timing window there are high probabilities market will go up.

If market is going up, between timing window there are high probabilities market will go down.

In order to use the Timing Window indicator you have to choose inputs:

very short term

short term A

short term B

medium term A

medium term B

long term A

long term B


every cycle ends within a particular numbers of bars (window)

Pay attention: timing window was designed for cycles,so low to low, BUT as you see in my charts,timing window signals also for high

May be in the future I will code timing window high_high.


Pay attention: if you use two or trhee Timing Window,you will see zones in wich there will be two or three signals at the same time and it is very good!

TimingWindow is better if used with CycleDivergence with same inputs

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