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Follow live performance:  

Aggressive settings:


Revolutionary hybrid grid: more than 13 years backtest with starting balance as low as 100 dollars - VERY IMPORTANT TO BACKTEST DEMO: please read backtest instruction or ask via PM.


The HIBgRID is a Hybrid Grid EA based on the mean-reverting characteristics of the pair GBP/CAD during low volatility and low volume period.

The EA utilizes the mathematical principles of a Ornstein–Uhlenbeck process to identify trades with success probability higher than 85%.

After  a trade is opened the EA will calculate a target profit and close the trade.

In case the price behaviour is unfavorable the Risk Manager will close the trade at a lower profit target or even with a small loss.

If the Risk Manager does not identify evidences of a non mean-reverting time serie the EA will open recovery orders up to a maximum of 5 open orders.

The EA utilizes a proprietary  grid logic with light lot size increments in order to minimize drawdown and risk exposure.

Live performace results differ may from backtest because

- Signal is stopped during major BREXIT news (precaution)

- Signal uses news filter (not working in backtest)

- Signal uses 3 days swap fileter

- A tick system on live account will never match exactly backtest although 99.9%

For more info on EA and parameters visit  https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/725139

What is a Hybrid Grid:

  • As opposed to stabdard grid the EA closes some trades with a loss under certain higher risk conditions
  • Grid orders can be closed with a TP and reopened  


The minimum investment is 100 Dollars with Very High Risk. 300 dollars for standard settings.

It is STRICTLY MANDATORY to use a true ECN account with low spread on GBPCAD during early Sydney session. IC Market is used as a reference for backtest. See blog for more info


Standard setting for GBPCAD 1M

Broker GMT offset: 0. Leave 0 for NY close broker GMT + 2 or + 3 during DLS (ICMarkets, Axitrader, Darwinex etc)

Lot size: Standard settings 0.03.

For balance: Standard settings: 1000. Balance used to calculate lot size.

Max allowed Draw Down Standard settings -0.25  as a factor of the current balance. In case the equity drops below this threshold the EA will close all orders as a capital protection measure. As en example, balance is 10.000, Max allowed draw down is -0.2, this means that if the equity goes below 8.000 the EA will close all open orders. VERY IMPORTANT: respect the standard ratio Lot/MaxDD: If your want to set your max risk at 10%, then use 0.01 lot per 1000 and max draw down -0.1.  

3 days swap/rollover filter   It is recommended not to trade against the three days rollover (usually between Wednesday and Thursday night for the majority of brokers).


As the spread plays an essential role in the real performance and it is used also as a volatility filter especially before rollover/swap charge and during strong price movement, only a tick by tick, 99% accuracy variable spread test has a statistical meaning. Please avoid testing with fixed spread as it is worthless.

My backtests use Dukascopy data with a negative cap of 27 points and minimum of 12 points, 7 dollars round trip and real swap. This is the closer to the best ECN broker real conditions.  Dukascopy spreads are too large for this strategy

Money Management and risk warning:

This EA is suitable for patience and non greedy investors capable to deal with potentially large drawdowns.

Although the backtest surpassed 13 years without a major loss (99% accuracy, variable spread, 7 Dollars round trip commission and current swap), like any grid system the EA can and WILL FAIL, therefore the standard capital protection settings will close all orders when the Drawdown exceeds the 25% of the balance. This can be customized in accordance with the risk acceptance of the investor. In case of a 20% loss the EA is designed to recover in less than 300 days unless a second loss occurs before the recovery is completed.

Do not use demo or cent account as they are meaningless for this type of trading.

Moreno Dainese
Moreno Dainese 2019.03.26 20:56 


forexautom 2019.03.18 13:39 

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maakuone 2019.03.15 13:54 

5 stars because of excellent support. testing on microlot, will update when more data comes in

LFOA 2019.03.14 23:58 

Author is very engaged and the strategy looks very promising. I will update my review in a few months with my results.

marcofontana 2019.03.11 10:10 

the back test are just confirming the interesting development of this robot!! I'm going live today to share with you also the experiences of the first days of this program

Fabio Rochards
Fabio Rochards 2019.03.10 14:14 

Good back test I will try it live and update my review in a few months. I'm pretty excited!

silviacoluccelli 2019.03.10 11:53 

I do not pur many reviews but this product seems to be really excellent. Backtest is impressive and live account seems to be same as backtesting. Will go live tomorrow adn update my review soon. I tested even with 100 dollars and the grid surpasses 13 years...wonderful!

Версия 1.3 2019.04.14
Changed the way recovery orders are opened and closed. Not recovery orers are created as pending orders. This will make the EA more solid with certain brokers like ICMarkets.
Версия 1.2 2019.04.08
Added parameter "max number of recovery orders". Standard setting 4.
Added parameter max spread to close trade by risk manager
Added parameter max spread to close trade at target profit
Bug fixed on creation of recovery orders under certain circumstances
Версия 1.1 2019.03.14
Romoved safer risk mode and corrected descrition of GMT offset for news filter