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Golden Ratio Oscillator

It is an indicator that works with oscillations based on golden proportions.

Through this indicator it is possible to operate using the proportions of the number of gold to elaborate strategies with the golden ratio. In this way, it is possible to make market analyzes respecting the proportions of Fibonacci.

How to use:

The closer the lines are to each other, the greater the possibility of retraction or inversion of the movement, the same is true for the distance of the lines.

Nearby lines, suggest possibility of purchase.

Distant lines, suggest possibility of sale.

Continuity of closer lines suggest a downward trend.

Continuity of distant lines, suggest upward trend.

Lines above 65 suggest sale.

Lines close to 0 suggest buying.

Watch the video to understand.


  • [period] represents the period that will be used as the basis for generating the oscillations with the proportions of gold.

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