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HVK Mouse Buy Sell Lite

A simple panel to help you to place orders on the chart using the mouse.

Hold Left Shift or Left Ctrl and the panel will show the lines where it will place the order already with stop loss and take profit.

Use Shift to place buy orders and Ctrl to place sell orders, the panel will switch between stop or limit orders depending if the mouse is above or below the price.

Please be aware that Ctrl key is used by Metatrader to copy an object, try to avoid using this panel with charts where you copy objects with Ctrl.

Victor Cantino
Victor Cantino 2019.02.17 02:26 

Perfeito. Recomendo a todos.

Версия 1.41 2019.02.18
Forces the window to stay above objects by clicking the title bar or dragging.
Версия 1.4 2019.02.17
1. The window now stays on top of other objects.
2. Symbol name on the window title.
Версия 1.3 2019.02.08
Correct display of stoploss and takeprofit levels.
Reduced window size.
Версия 1.2 2019.02.02
Fixed invalid volume error with volume sizes 0.15, 0.1, 0.2 and so on.